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Auxilium (AUX) was mentioned by Coingecko in an article about ‘Beam’ and mission to increase transparency in crypto.

AUX is all about more fair blockchain technology and uses Beam as an extra platform to reach out to cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Made by Coingecko team:


Hi all,

we’ve finally had some breakthroughs regarding the contracts component of our wallet.

Our wallet devs are testing functionality currently but have already said they were able to create and interact with wallet contracts and generic contracts successfully.

So… all being well, we should have a new release for you, soon.

A fully functioning wallet is an exciting prospect indeed!

We’ve also produced a short intro video explaining Auxilium to people interested in learning more about us within two and a half minutes. Just waiting for sign-off from all parties involved and then we’ll set it free.

Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


We decided to hold the AUX airdrop on 8th November (3 weeks earlier than the initial date!), for all who entered before 7th November 12:00 CEST. We’re analysing all entries to be sure only fair participants receive the airdrop. All will receive the 250 AUX within 48 hours.


Escodex exchange listing is postponed. The Escodex team is improving the exchange before adding new listings. We will inform you as soon as we have an update. Our innovative Auxilium cryptocurrency can be traded on Mercatox and BiteBTC AUX / BTC and AUX / ETH



Want to support Auxilium and make a chance to earn extra AUX?
Easily join multiple bounties for free AUX!
Article and video contest. Facebook, bitcointalk and youtube bounties.


Don’t miss this great opportunity on 19th November to trade and win extra AUX. Auxilium’s POA blockchain is more secure, environmentally friendly, fast and fair than many traditional POS and POW cryptocurrencies. Become an early investor!


In reply to the latest news.
Good to know our innovative Auxilium POA does not depend on mining (or staking). All AUX-holders (with AUX on a personal address) receive interest. Up to 8% per year. Offering a stable interest/incentive without the hassle. That’s what you call a win-win. :+1:




Last opportunity to get into the top-5 and win AUX!
Good luck! :+1:


In December the Auxilium community will decide on charity donations for the first quarter. Please suggest your charity and/or comment on current suggestion. AUX helps those in need.


Soon to be expected :+1::mega::

  • Second half of Airdrop Distribution (before 2nd Dec)
  • AUX Monthly overview (1st Dec)
  • Escodex Listing (was postponed)
  • AUX interest distribution (1st Dec)
  • Charity selection for AUX donations, have your say: Community Charity Suggestions



Those who checked all requirements have received their airdrop of 250 AUX cryptocurrency today. Congratulations!
Note: make sure to have 10000+ AUX on your private desktop address to make a chance to win 5000 AUX.




10000+ AUX in desktop wallet = chance to win 5000 AUX!

Wallet download:

You have until 7th December 12:00 CEST 2018.
We announce 10 winners 8th December.

Buy AUX on:




A great opportunity for all AUX holders and people interested in Auxilium cryptocurrency. A video Q&A!

Leave a comment with your question(s) about this innovative blockchain project and see them answered 20th December 2018.

:arrow_forward:️Leave question here: 20th December Auxilium Q&A Video (Questions and Answers Video)


Dear Auxilium community,

To properly end the grand 1.000.000 (1 million) AUX airdrop we’ve today - as promised - randomly selected 10 AUX-holders with 10.000 (10 thousand) or more Auxilium on their blockchain address. These 10 AUX-holders have just received 5000 AUX!

Congratulations if you are a lucky winner!

Thanks to all who have joined the airdrop and remain supportive, even in this bearmarket. And of course thanks to all who have been with us from the beginning.

We’re looking forward to the many positive times that will come.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team



Thank you Anton and Auxilium team! I got a nice surprise when i opened my wallet and saw I got lucky :smile:
I’m gonna be stacking more AUX next pay day also. Looking forward to more progress with the project moving forward and into 2019. Take care and Happy Holidays.