Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


We’ve had contact with CoinMarketCap the past four days about our listing request. Auxilium checked all requirements and more when applying. We’ll inform you about CMC listing asap. Coingecko, Coinlib, Coinpaprika, CoinCodex, Blockfolio and Delta already listed AUX.


That’s excellent news! CMC would be awesome… they’re big and actually have a decent charting function for Tech analysis. I won’t use a broker without one…


Is it an idea to give you a channel in Discord? We should write up a text about nothing being financial advice, etc. and just for people interesting in charting (and learning the basics). I will give you the possibility to pin messages to the channel. I think it will be nice to see people chat about charting and engage people in a different way.


Dear Auxilium community,
We have launched the new website!

The next few days we will tweak the website. Any observations and suggestions are more than welcome.
We hope you like the overall look and feel of the website.
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


An Auxilium trading promo has started on Mercatox!

Make sure you retweet and/or trade so you make a chance of winning extra AUX!



For those who did not know about our Bitcointalk ANN:
We have just replace the text announcement with a poster announcement.
Who is going to leave us a message on Bitcointalk? :slightly_smiling_face:


Dear Auxilium community,
The AUX wallet is live on BiteBTC and Auxilium cryptocurrency can be traded on the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets!
Be one of the first to trade AUX on BiteBTC!
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


Dear Auxilium community,
We’ve updated our website with ‘partners and listings’.

A selection of our partners and listings. We hope to update this section many times in the future.
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team



Dear Auxilium community,
We have been listed on CoinMarketCap!

We wish you a great day!
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


Dear Auxilium community,
A short update:

More soon. Have a good day!
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


Hello windows users.

We would like to know if the windows wallet also works on your end.
We have no issues with syncing the past few days.

Please try the following:
Delete folder: %appdata%\Auxilium\Geth
Start wallet.

Please let us know what your observations are at Windows Desktop Wallet Support
We want to test the wallets a few more days with as much as possible community members before we jump to conclusions about syncing improvements.


Windows Desktop Wallet Support

Moved to windows support page.


Dear Auxilium community,

Article about AUX on Coinbeat

AUX mentioned on CoinWorldStory

Have a great week!

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team


Dear Auxilium community,

The 1st November 2018 we will publish our monthly recap. To give you a bit more insight half-way this month we offer you an update.

Desktop wallet: syncing
We’ve continued to monitor and tweak some settings and are really happy with the results. We have continued to test the wallets for a couple of weeks now and feel confident that we’ve found the root cause of the issue and have resolved the bulk of the problem. If you still have problems syncing it is probably due to your personal settings (e.g. firewall, wifi, conflicting apps).

Desktop wallet: smart contracts
In order to find the root cause the issues have been replicated and are being analysed by smart contract specialists. For now we advise not to create and/or use the smart contracts. We hope to have resolved this issue soon so we all can start creating and using smart contracts.

Exchange listings and other services
Most of you might have seen a lot of people asking publicly for representatives of Auxilium about listings and such. It is good to know that offers from people on Telegram and other platforms are not always what they seem. Unfortunately most people offering services in public groups (e.g. exchange listings, marketing, promotions) are scammers. They might seem legit, but once digging a bit deeper the truth shows. Luckily we properly assess every opportunity and have not been victim of a scam. A positive note is there are also positive signs from companies and professionals interested in working together with Auxilium now or in the future in the categories exchange (platform) listings, website listings, promotions and article publishing.

AUX value
Some community members asked what the reason was for this recent price drop. There are more sell orders than buy orders that is always the answer for a price drop. Larger changes up and down are seen in smaller communities. The psychological reason why people sold is something nobody will know for sure. Most probably there are some people who were inpatient and directly wanted to sell their trading promotion prize they got yesterday from Mercatox. Not something to worry about in the long run. Increasing the community size will reduce the odds of this happening (often).

Mercatox trading promo
The Mercatox trading promo, held from 16th September – 15th October has ended. The winners have all received AUX on their Mercatox accounts like mentioned in the Mercatox newsletter:

Twitter and Discord promotions
The winners of the Twitter promotion will be announced 18th of October 2018. Unfortunately for the competitors of the Discord invite competition the minimum of 300 invites, to make the competition valid, was not reached.

Community growth
As the desktop wallets have seen major improvements we are more confident to finish our promotion pages and reach out to websites, channels, influencers, etc. to spread the Auxilium word and hold promotions (e.g. airdrops, give-aways, competitions) through our wallets. We already have established contact with a lot of people and organisations who can help with exposure.

We are working on the Q4 2018 points and we’ll soon add more goals to our roadmap for Q1 2019 which can be found on

Reforestation project
We’ll soon publish our reforestation project page.

Are you missing updates?
Once we have a major update we will certainly share this with the community. We will not send out an update every time we write an e-mail, talk to a potential partner, write another page of the whitepaper, etc. which makes it very plausible we have days we do not send out an update.

However, don’t be afraid to miss out on updates. Once we have a major update we’ll post it on our forum, twitter, facebook, reddit, discord, telegram, investfeed, bitcointalk, medium and steemit.

Looking forward sending you the next major update.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team



Join AUX bounty programs!
Article and video bounty competitions are active. More to come soon!
Become a more active part of our great community!



Auxilium is by far the hottest airdrop at the moment.
Congratulations to you all!


Morning all,

We’re starting to ramp up promotions and exposure to a wider audience and so far, the results are promising. We already have a fantastic technology that is more secure, more environmentally friendly, faster and more fair to all. All that’s missing currently, is more people.

We’re a week out from having the next exchange listing and are working on some short and simply explained videos on what Auxilium is, does and stands for.

We’re really excited to see just how far we can push Auxilium over the next few months and all being well, our push will coincide with the next bull run on the market which hopefully this year, will be due to larger organisations entering into the cryptocurrency space and further legitimising digital currency, globally.

If you feel we have a great project with real potential to help many around the world, please help us by spreading the word. The larger we grow, the more people and animals we can help. It’s that simple.

Thank you for your ongoing support.