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OK - You are of course the boss for Auxilium…although on the Sprouts discord or in the Bitcointalk thread you mentioned I see no huge complaints about Sprouts.

Some people complaining about how the new wallet works, and some mining problems, but nothing about losing coins or problems in their blockchain.

At least not in the English sections.



This has nothing to do with me being Auxilium Team. There have certainly been, because of the different chains at the very least, people losing money with the HF, complaints about having no say and being forced into this HF and losing the PoS rewards, stakes not coming through, coins not being recognised, etc.

Anyways, we are looking into the irregularities which we also found in the wallet. Irregularities in a blockchain are a very serious problem. And we are not willing to take the risk by keeping the swap platform open.


I see nobody complaining about “irregularities” in the Sprouts blockchain or people complaining that they are losing their Sprouts, except for you. There appear to be some complaints about how the new wallet works, but that’s it.

I will certainly keep an eye out. Thank you.


Dear Auxilium community,
The swap application has closed. We have messaged everyone individually who applied for the final SPRTS to AUX swap.
Referring to the following swap topic on the forum: Weekly update: close to listing, final internal swap!
Kind regards,
Auxilium Team


Dear Auxilium Community,

Just a quick note to mention we’ve burned 200 Million AUX, which falls in line with setting the capped total supply of Auxilium, at 300 Million AUX.

The burn took place on block 463938 and can be viewed with the link below.

Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team



UPVOTE AUX for Delta Portfolio App listing




Auxilium can now be found on cryptocurrency calendar Coinmarketcal!

We will be added on more websites soon, including overview websites like coinmarketcap (once trading).



Dear Auxilium community,
Like you probably know cryptocurrency exchange Mercatox will open trading for Auxilium (AUX) on their Bitcoin and Ethereum markets on or about the 27th of August.
Like you can see we are already listed for BTC and ETH pairs.
Hopefully we will be trading this week. Exciting!
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


Dear Auxilium community,
The long awaited day has arrived! Auxilium AUX cryptocurrency is live and trading on Mercatox.
Our unique blockchain with Proof of Authority, smart contracts and Auxilium Interest Distribution platform is just the beginning. Join our philanthropy hub. Invest. Earn. Share.
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team



Auxilium Interest Distribution (AID) is one of the unique features of the AUX cryptocurrency. Rewards without mining or staking. Monthly the AID platform distributes 0.56% interest over the blockchain to AUX-holders. 50085 AUX (0.053%) will go to our charity fund this month.



Many have asked about CMC. We want to let you know we’ve requested listing on CoinMarketCap today for AUX cryptocurrency. After our unique blockchain got listed on Mercatox and started trading on Bitcoin and Ethereum markets it was the next thing on our list.


Hi Auxilium community,
We’ve improved connectivity of AUX desktop wallets. While fixing syncing issues for Windows, also MacOS and Linux were updated. Restart wallet for update. Use of contracts is still not advised, until further notice.
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


Dear Auxilium community,
Due to the way Mercatox and presumably other exchanges work internally, it’s not possible for the AID platform to calculate and pay interest on any AUX sitting in your exchange address. The AID platform calculates and distributes the 8% interest to personal addresses only.
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team



AUX has decided to hold another invite competition on the Auxilium Discord! This time 5000 AUX in prizes. 10 winners. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:
:mega: Check the invite-competition channel


Dear Auxilium community,
Yesterday the monthly interest was distributed to all personal AUX addresses. As AUX-holder you automatically donate to charity. Have your say which charities Auxilium Global should support! Community Charity Suggestions
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team