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OK - You are of course the boss for Auxilium…although on the Sprouts discord or in the Bitcointalk thread you mentioned I see no huge complaints about Sprouts.

Some people complaining about how the new wallet works, and some mining problems, but nothing about losing coins or problems in their blockchain.

At least not in the English sections.



This has nothing to do with me being Auxilium Team. There have certainly been, because of the different chains at the very least, people losing money with the HF, complaints about having no say and being forced into this HF and losing the PoS rewards, stakes not coming through, coins not being recognised, etc.

Anyways, we are looking into the irregularities which we also found in the wallet. Irregularities in a blockchain are a very serious problem. And we are not willing to take the risk by keeping the swap platform open.


I see nobody complaining about “irregularities” in the Sprouts blockchain or people complaining that they are losing their Sprouts, except for you. There appear to be some complaints about how the new wallet works, but that’s it.

I will certainly keep an eye out. Thank you.