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27 hours before deadline we saw another +30% AUX distributed the past 12 hours. 30% more sprts swapped to AUX! Happy to see people support our brandnew philanthropic green cryptocurrency with innovative blockchain. Swap Sprouts from old wallet on



Amazing! The past 12 hours the swap platform has distributed an extra 68% AUX! Swap your sprts held on the old wallet to AUX cryptocurrency on until 11th July 23:59 CEST. Likely we will hold an extra swap for those with Sprouts on an exchange/new wallet.


Hi all,

The swap has officially finished.

If you hold Sprouts in an exchange, on-line account or if you have the new wallet and we unable to swap, don’t panic!

We will likely hold one final swap for you, within the next couple of weeks. Keep checking the forum for details.

We will provide statistics shortly for how many swapped, etc.

Thanks again for helping make the swap a success.

The Auxilium Team






Hi all, just a quick update.

We’re due to launch the second swap from Sprouts-HF (Hard Forked SPRTS) to Auxilium (AUX,) within the next 24 hours. We will let you know once it’s open.

We have also begun submitting applications to a number of exchanges. We can’t discuss any of these details at the request of the exchanges.

Once we have been cleared to share more information with you, we will.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Hi all,

I posted yesterday that we’re due to launch the next swap, within 24 hours which would have meant we’d launch the swap in one hour.

We have prioritised a network security test over launching the swap in one hour as the security of the network is of the utmost importance and this is the perfect time to test as the network is currently quiet.

The swap will launch within 12 hours from now.

Apologies for the delay.


The network strength test was a success.


In order to keep within the 12 hour mark…

The second swap from Sprouts (Hard Forked) is now live!

@anton is about to post an official message on all platforms.



Thank you for your quick response. It was the first time to send a different address.


Dear Auxilium community,
Yesterday people continued swapping on :+1:
Everybody with SPRTS on exchange or Sprouts HF wallet can swap to AUX.
Swap as soon as possible to make sure you do not miss out.
Kind regards,
Auxilium Team


Answers to FAQs

  • Swap your SPRTS to AUX:
  • Download AUX wallet:
  • You can still buy Sprouts for swap:
  • Block explorer:
  • AID platform also awards interest when wallet is closed


Dear Auxilium community,

We are looking into an issue with the wallet contracts in the AUX wallet. Please do not try and create new wallet contracts until further notice as it appears the wallet is not handling wallet contracts properly. For those who already have, all your AUX are safe on the blockchain and we will contact you personally once the issue is solved.

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team


Dear Auxilium community,
For those who would like to swap more SPRTS for AUXon please note we have updated the swap platform since the first swap. Please go through the 3 steps again to create a new SPRTS deposit address.
Kind regards,
Auxilium Team



21% to exchange SPROUT.

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it’s on several addresses?
In which country his son!network only Japan as SPROUTS autan

It’s just for info
Thanks to the whole team
long life AUX


Dear Auxilium Community,

Please note, we’ve stopped the swap prematurely as we’ve noticed possible issues with the Sprouts HF blockchain that has made the swap unreliable.

There have been a number of issues relating to the hard-forked Sprouts network if you read and believe peoples experiences on bitcointalk and the like.

We’ve noticed and confirmed our own Sprouts HF wallet is not displaying the correct balance on at least one Sprouts HF address and so we’ve decided to stop the swap.

We will monitor the situation and have already contacted the Sprouts devs to ask about the issues and will consider whether to re open the swap if we’re able to get a positive reply from the Sprouts team.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

The Auxilium Team


I can find no such “experiences” on Twitter or on Bitcointalk. Can you please perhaps provide some links of such chatter?


We would not mention it if it was not true. Within the Sprouts Discord and Bitcointalk ( you can read a lot of bad experiences with the hard fork. Also people losing Sprouts because of it unfortunately. Not trying to create any negativity, just stating what all people could have read. We are being extra careful with the swap because of these statements made about the Sprouts HF wallet by others. The swap platform is in perfect working order, however the Sprouts blockchain/wallet seems to be showing some irregularities. We are not taking any risks until we know the swap can be continued safe and fair.


Dear Auxilium community,

Closing the swap has nothing to do with issues on the swap platform or Auxilium blockchain. All works like it should. We can not be careful enough and closed the swap because of irregularities in the Sprouts wallet.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Team