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27 hours before deadline we saw another +30% AUX distributed the past 12 hours. 30% more sprts swapped to AUX! Happy to see people support our brandnew philanthropic green cryptocurrency with innovative blockchain. Swap Sprouts from old wallet on



Amazing! The past 12 hours the swap platform has distributed an extra 68% AUX! Swap your sprts held on the old wallet to AUX cryptocurrency on until 11th July 23:59 CEST. Likely we will hold an extra swap for those with Sprouts on an exchange/new wallet.


Hi all,

The swap has officially finished.

If you hold Sprouts in an exchange, on-line account or if you have the new wallet and we unable to swap, don’t panic!

We will likely hold one final swap for you, within the next couple of weeks. Keep checking the forum for details.

We will provide statistics shortly for how many swapped, etc.

Thanks again for helping make the swap a success.

The Auxilium Team