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Sprouts dev team is unsure about the withdraw situation on coinexchange. Good news for those who can’t withdraw their SPRTS from coinexchange in time for the swap to AUX cryptocurrency. Auxilium team has decided to come up with a way for you to swap after the hard fork.


Another good news is Nova Exchange open Sprouts withdrawal,


@inspiron, thank you for this additional update. Very good for those who might have lost access before.


Dear Auxilium community,

You most likely know the swap from Sprouts to Auxilium has unfortunately been postponed due to an issue in the windows wallet that needs to get fixed before we can launch and swap.

We have been making progress, but we will not set another swap date beforehand. We will first fix and test everything. As soon as we are ready to swap we will: 1) open the swap platform*, 2) upload the wallets for you to download**, and 3) announce on all platforms the swap is online and for how long.

You also most likely know the Sprouts exchange wallets, on which some of you hold Sprouts, are in maintenance. It is unknown why, without notice, the Sprouts wallets went into maintenance on the initial swap date of Auxilium. The Sprouts developers say they do not know more than we do. Fact is some people might not be able to swap before the hard fork of Sprouts.

To make sure everybody who wants to swap their Sprouts for Auxilium can, we will have two different swap periods. When the swap will go live we most probably will have a swap for old chain Sprouts until 6th July and a swap for new chain (hard forked) Sprouts after 7th July (for people having their Sprouts stuck on an exchange).

This situation puts us in a position that we will have to put more time into the swap platform to make sure also people who are stuck on the exchanges can swap after the hard fork. Not an ideal situation, but we think it is worth the extra effort if it means nobody will be left out for the reason of being forced to stay on the exchanges.

We admire your patience and appreciate your support.

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team



Thanks for the update. :+1:


Sprouts wallet is no longer in maintenance on Withdrawals are possible. It is always advised, if possible, to keep your cryptocurrency in a (cold storage) desktop wallet.


Auxilium MainNet wallets will be available on once the swap from sprts to AUX starts. For those with the Auxilium TestNet wallet installed: you can not use this wallet for MainNet. Please do not try and send Auxilium cryptocurrency to TestNet wallet.


Need support with your wallet and/or the swap?



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The swap platform has been in maintenance for a short while. All swap requests sent just before the maintenance are safe. They will arrive as soon as possible. Please contact us through DM if you have been waiting longer than 1 hour for your swapped AUX to come through. We are busy putting the swap platform back online. Thanks for your patience.


The swap platform remains in maintenance for the next couple of hours to test the swap platform. We have fixed the bug that caused people not receiving all their AUX after re-using the same deposit address. All coins are safe. We will update you when the swap is live again.

#218 is fine-tuned, tested and back online.
We are aware some people still need to receive AUX from the swap platform. We will send these AUX manually within the next 24 hours. Thanks for your patience and good luck swapping sprts for AUX cryptocurrency.



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Swap Reminder! For those who have their sprts on an exchange or in the new Sprouts wallet: you have until 6th July 17:00 CST (7th July 00:00 JST) to swap to AUX on Don’t miss out! Join the movement. Read more on the advantages:


For those asking if they need to keep their wallet on to receive rewards/interest on their holdings: No. As soon as you have your AUX on your address on the blockchain you can close the wallet and sit back.

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From now on only swap sprts from old Sprouts wallet for AUX on Like stated many times before on here, and like stated on the platform: it is NOT possible to swap Sprouts from the exchange or new wallet after the hard fork of Sprouts cryptocurrency.


Distribution of AUX went +70% in the past 24 hours! 70% more AUX were distributed as result of 70% extra sprts swapped. Don’t miss out! Holding sprts in the old wallet (pre hard fork)? And want to swap to the brandnew blockchain of AUX cryptocurrency? Swap your Sprouts on before 11th July 23:59 CEST. Join the movement.