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Hello everyone! Please read our latest update :point_down:

:large_blue_circle: Lightpaper
:large_blue_circle: Legal documents
:large_blue_circle: Top-tier exchange listing applications
:large_blue_circle: Top referrers and airdrop distribution
:large_blue_circle: Lucky draw winners

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We’ve distributed the airdrop and referral AUX coins to all participants who checked all requirements. Excluding fake accounts, bots, false e-mails, duplicate entries, non-AUX addresses, etc.

We’ll distribute the top-10 referral, lucky draw and bounty prizes later this week.

We’ve distributed the top-10 airdrop referral prizes (up to 7500 AUX) and the 10 x 400 AUX for the lucky draw winners! :tada:

Notified winners per email.

Tomorrow we’ll announce the winners of the video bounty.

Have a great weekend! :+1:

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Hello Auxilium community! :+1:

We hope everyone is doing great.

No longer wait, and read how close we are to applying on top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges.

Hello Auxilium community!

We’re constantly moving closer to reaching our goals.

It’s exciting to see progress on both the philanthropic and business side :+1:

Please check out and share our latest update.

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The Auxilium Interest Distribution for the month October will be performed as soon as possible. We’re aware of the delay. This delay is no reason for panic and won’t affect the amount of AUX distributed. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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The AID Platform has successfully distributed your monthly interest for November.

AUX cryptocurrency distributes interest to coinholders - holding AUX on the desktop wallet - without making them mine, stake or keep their computer on 24/7.

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Auxilium Global wishes everyone the very best for 2020! :smiley::earth_americas:

We’ll continue our efforts to get Auxilium #cryptocurrency listed on a top tier cryptocurrency exchange in order to kick-start our first philanthropic use case(s) and accelerate additional technical development.

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For your information: we’re aware the Auxilium (AUX) wallet on Mercatox is in maintenance mode. Trading is still possible. Deposit/withdrawal will be enabled as soon as possible. We’ll inform you once it’s possible again to send/receive AUX on Mercatox.

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:heavy_check_mark:️ Network maintenance is finished, all is working like it should.

:arrow_right:️ Delayed AID distribution will follow soon.

:arrow_right:️ We’ve contacted Mercatox exchange about finished maintenance so they can open deposit/withdrawal again.

:moneybag: Don’t forget the mega airdrop

:sparkles: Reminder to join the big Auxilium airdrop and vote before 25th Jan!

:fire: 500 AUX + 10 per referral
:rocket: 10,000 AUX random airdrop
:moneybag: 30 x 1 ETH lucky draw made possible by Coinkeeper


:wrench::heavy_check_mark:️ Mercatox exchange wallet (deposit/withdrawal) is no longer in maintenance. You can send and receive AUX again from and to your Mercatox account.

:moneybag: We advise you to keep your purchased AUX safe in our desktop wallet, so you can receive interest through the AID platform.

Hoping you’re having a good weekend.

:black_small_square:️The AUX interest of December will be performed around the time of the AID of January.

:black_small_square:️The voting competition airdrop has ended. We’ll inform you about the outcome in more detail next week.

:black_small_square:️New exchange listing update next week.

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The monthly interest of December - which was delayed due to maintenance - was distributed two days ago.

All AUX holders with Auxilium #crypto on our desktop wallet receive a fixed via the Auxilium Interest Distribution (AID) platform, without the need for mining or staking.


Please go to for future major updates.

Or follow one of our social channels to get listed frequently.

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