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Big news AUX community!

We’re very proud and excited to announce we’ve launched our brand new Auxilium desktop wallet.

Special thanks to our blockchain partner Applicature for making this possible.

Download the wallet on our website!




Hi Auxilium community,

For everyone holding AUX on an address created from within the desktop wallet: the AID platform has distributed your interest for the month May! Hurray!

Who is “HODLING” and accumulating AUX?



Youtubers make the best of this opportunity! :moneybag:

:arrow_forward:️Airdrop & referral:
:arrow_forward:️Video competition: Video Bounty Competition [up to 10000 AUX]






The Auxilium Interest Distribution platform has successfully distributed the monthly interest to all AUX-holders with AUX on an address created from within the Auxilium desktop wallet.

As an incentive Auxilium coinholders receive 8% interest every year through the AID platform. To be precise, it’s 6.72%. The extra 1.28% is split between charity and not-for-profit research and development evenly.

Holding AUX in your personal wallet address – also when offline and having no knowledge of blockchain – is enough to earn interest on the 1st of each month. The goal is to continue distributing interest indefinitely, through recycling profits, without the need of increasing the maximum supply.



Hello Auxilium community! :wave:

Read the latest on

  • MyCrypto listing
  • TrustWallet application
  • Hardware wallet application
  • Website update

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team


:warning:️Warning, avoid BiteBTC/Fedlio

Please share to reach as many #cryptocurrency #traders as possible. Let’s fight for a fair crypto space together! :muscle:


Hello! Put the 6th of August in your agenda! :smiley:

And keep an eye out for more updates this week.


Talking about momentum!

Read about our MyCrypto listing, and doors this opens for future integrations and functionality!

  • Also included updates on: Trezor hardware wallet and Trustwallet
  • New info: Shapeshift platform

Don’t forget to share our updates on social media. Many thanks for those who (always) do :smile:


Hello Auxilium community!

Your interest has again been successfully distributed by the AID platform.
Thanks for holding AUX safe on your personal AUX-address and supporting future charities by doing so.



Our new website is live!
A day earlier than scheduled.

Check it out and share your thoughts in below topic :smiley:


We’ll update all social media within 24 hours according.





:point_right: Airdrop & referral participant? Please note we’ll check all requirements (incl. email verification) before sending AUX end of August.

:point_right: Win 10,000 AUX by joining the article and video competition!

Have a great weekend! :+1:


Good event


Конечно хорошее


It’s time to add some important dates to the AUX timeline!

:arrow_forward:️End airdrop and referral
:arrow_forward:️AID distribution
:arrow_forward:️Announce winners
:arrow_forward:️Academic whitepaper
:arrow_forward:️Legal documentation

:arrow_forward::rocket: Start listing applications top tier cryptocurrency exchanges


The AID Platform has successfully distributed your monthly interest.

AUX cryptocurrency distributes interest to coinholders - holding AUX on the desktop wallet - without making them mine, stake or keep their computer on 24/7.



Some might have noticed the website is currently offline. Don’t worry. Website will be online again soon. Doing some maintenance. :slightly_smiling_face: