Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


Many have asked about CMC. We want to let you know we’ve requested listing on CoinMarketCap today for AUX cryptocurrency. After our unique blockchain got listed on Mercatox and started trading on Bitcoin and Ethereum markets it was the next thing on our list.


Hi Auxilium community,
We’ve improved connectivity of AUX desktop wallets. While fixing syncing issues for Windows, also MacOS and Linux were updated. Restart wallet for update. Use of contracts is still not advised, until further notice.
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


Dear Auxilium community,
Due to the way Mercatox and presumably other exchanges work internally, it’s not possible for the AID platform to calculate and pay interest on any AUX sitting in your exchange address. The AID platform calculates and distributes the 8% interest to personal addresses only.
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team



AUX has decided to hold another invite competition on the Auxilium Discord! This time 5000 AUX in prizes. 10 winners. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:
:mega: Check the invite-competition channel


Dear Auxilium community,
Yesterday the monthly interest was distributed to all personal AUX addresses. As AUX-holder you automatically donate to charity. Have your say which charities Auxilium Global should support! Community Charity Suggestions
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team



We’ve had contact with CoinMarketCap the past four days about our listing request. Auxilium checked all requirements and more when applying. We’ll inform you about CMC listing asap. Coingecko, Coinlib, Coinpaprika, CoinCodex, Blockfolio and Delta already listed AUX.


That’s excellent news! CMC would be awesome… they’re big and actually have a decent charting function for Tech analysis. I won’t use a broker without one…


Is it an idea to give you a channel in Discord? We should write up a text about nothing being financial advice, etc. and just for people interesting in charting (and learning the basics). I will give you the possibility to pin messages to the channel. I think it will be nice to see people chat about charting and engage people in a different way.


Dear Auxilium community,
We have launched the new website!

The next few days we will tweak the website. Any observations and suggestions are more than welcome.
We hope you like the overall look and feel of the website.
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


An Auxilium trading promo has started on Mercatox!

Make sure you retweet and/or trade so you make a chance of winning extra AUX!



For those who did not know about our Bitcointalk ANN:
We have just replace the text announcement with a poster announcement.
Who is going to leave us a message on Bitcointalk? :slightly_smiling_face:


Dear Auxilium community,
The AUX wallet is live on BiteBTC and Auxilium cryptocurrency can be traded on the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets!
Be one of the first to trade AUX on BiteBTC!
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


Dear Auxilium community,
We’ve updated our website with ‘partners and listings’.

A selection of our partners and listings. We hope to update this section many times in the future.
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team



Dear Auxilium community,
We have been listed on CoinMarketCap!

We wish you a great day!
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


Dear Auxilium community,
A short update:

More soon. Have a good day!
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team


Hello windows users.

We would like to know if the windows wallet also works on your end.
We have no issues with syncing the past few days.

Please try the following:
Delete folder: %appdata%\Auxilium\Geth
Start wallet.

Please let us know what your observations are at Windows Desktop Wallet Support
We want to test the wallets a few more days with as much as possible community members before we jump to conclusions about syncing improvements.


Windows Desktop Wallet Support

Moved to windows support page.