Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


Here the community can follow what the Auxilium Team is working on. Updates will be posted here, plus links to major announcements.

You can find our roadmap on our website.

We will update the roadmap soon, when the new website is online.

Auxilium weekly update: 16th July 2018


Perfect forum, congratulations on the updates


Fantastic to see such a nice progress developping and i have the best hopes on this coin.
I hope to see nice bright future for this coin, developpers and team and ofcourse for the investors.
I truelly believe this coin will be great again!


WOW!!! :star_struck:

I`m anxious for upcoming updates!

:seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling:


This is super exciting.
Can’t wait to see the updates!!!


Since a week, is there any updates or reveal of the core team members etc… ?

Also Sprouts is listed on but no active markets, can this be updated?


It seems that all of sprouts’ links at are incorrect. Its something they’d need to fix. Maybe if someone sent them a list of the corrected links they’d fix it.


Updated. In title you can see the date of latest edit.


Updated. First actions to be expected marked with: :seedling:


Eager for first actions!



Thanks for updating this topic so frequently! We as investors and participants are always tasting in the dark about the further development of a typical coin so it’s very nice to receive updates very frequently to regain trust and confidence.
So good job on doing that !!

I’ve noticed we’ve got the 3 phases on paper including "“emergency” brake on total supply. Guess you guys aren’t calling this emergency if it weren’t necessary rapid needed. … I get that…
Very important info to anyone staking this ATM…

In my honest opinion you are talking about making a roadmap after this new punctual points you are talking about completing, but I think making a new website is absolutely priority and will be an actual important point if we want to attrack other possible investors to this coin.

If you look at the site now in “wordpress” this really needs to be renewed as fast as possible it creates an image of this coin and is the first face people will meet when they do a quick check on sprouts…
If we look at the 2th website I don’t know what to think about that but it’s obvious it’s pretty outdated and could be done much better.
Better image = more value

I hope you can do something constructive with my thoughts.

Let’s go guys!!! :smiley:


I think at now we should focus into new wallet and make sprouts becomes more healthy first. If the new wallet is going well, I think we will have some funding money for developing sprout. We can use this money to hire some 3rd team for making new website. It will be faster than the dev team do everything.


@cryptogotmerekt @demonchild

The wallet we have first on the list, because everything depends on the wallet working properly. The wallet with algorithm is the product.

A new website is also on the list. We already have a basic structure for a new website. We have got the knowledge and experience in the current team to build a professional website. I agree this will increase value, of course. But a website depends on certain content which we only can give with certainty when we know for sure what the plan will be with the wallet.


@demonchild @Gonnabetya
I fully agree on first making a wallet here…
Thanks for taking my thoughts in consideration.


Hello, I’m new here…
Can I take screenshoot this thread and promote it to my follower Twitter ?
I think when someone promote this… Outside people, will explore this coin,
Even many people said this scam coin, with a huge promotion, that opinion will be broke…


@reeljade everybody is free to share content from the forum. We as coreteam will do our official promotion when we are sure about the wallet. Like you can read this wil for instance maintain a website, social media, exchanges, etc.


that’s the answer I want… thanks,


Guys please check official website of sprouts here:

The site is still alive.
May be it was 2nd official website, the first one was


I believe that website is made by MrEggMan ( previous developer of sprouts ). The sprouts isn’t related with him now since the captain have already abandon his ship. And that website isn’t professional at all. Lack of information, not optimize for mobile… Even a free wordpress template like hueman will do better.