Question about Sprouts


As of November 3 will no longer be able to buy or sell sprouts in the exchanges?


@bilalr23r No. You can still trade Sprouts.
3rd November we present a document on the fork (the code) and the swap; not the swap itself. We will far beforehand alert you when we swap. Don’t worry :slight_smile:


What is the expected date of the swap itself?


@screble We swap in december as it looks right now. There is not an exact date as we have many variables. We aim for december. We update the forum daily and will certainly reach out through the forum, Bitcointalk ANN (next week we will launch the Sprouts+ ANN) and social media far beforehand so all Sprouts holders will be able to swap.


@Gonnabetya After the start exchange will it be possible to buy sprouts yet? Do you think the 1satoshi barrier will be broken or only with sprouts +?


@screble 1 satoshi will most probably never be broken with Sprouts. It will with Sprouts+. Sprouts+ will be more competitive, most probably have a value far higher than 1 satoshi, which will result in more trades.

This is because we decrease the total supply by 3 decimals.


@Gonnabetya bought 911111111.11111110 Sprouts in the Doge Market. If you sell that amount for 1satoshi you would get 9btc, then switch to sprouts + should I get an approximate value to how much? What is the expectation of the initial value of sprouts +?


@screble That question is asked a lot. Would be fantastic to have a :crystal_ball::wink:
We do not have an estimate of the maximum value of Sprouts+. I think the possibilities are near to endless for Sprouts+ as we aim to make it a real functional cryptocurrency. The first aim is to make the currency healthy again and create opportunities for holders to trade their Sprouts+ against a fair price; also on the Bitcoin market.


so is it a 1:1 ratio?
Sorry for the noob question.


1:000 ratio according to their white paper


Can you give me an example? Thank you sir


Ah sorry 1 was missing.
1:1000 is correct


No problem, so every 1 Sprouts+ equals 1,000 Sprouts?
So if I have 400,000 Sprouts, i will only have 400 Sprouts+?
Thank you sir


yes correct,


ouch, lol


Let say 400,000 sprouts equal US$4.0

400 sprouts+ will be,
= US$4.0 - (US$4.0 x 0.4) = US$2.4

The 40% of your sprouts+ will be hold for marketing and etc fee.
So basically you will have US$2.4 before sprouts+ team recover the value of sprouts+ by their activity.


So basically I am taking a big loss? lol


Well, it depends on whether sprts+ launched on the markets successfully, after team gain your 40% loss