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hello, many thanks to the coreteam for answering my question. I have some more questions.

I put my coins in wallet and I searched the wallet configuration at and I found mine, at 85th place, (1,408,591), I want to know if it’s ok. I see at “guestestimated wallet”= NONE. Is it ok to be “NONE”? Can you confirm if it is ok the minting? How can I see if it’s minting? I will receive after 5 days, 10% and then 2% / day?
I also see an error message at the bottom of page in wallet “Warning: Checkpoint is too old. Wait for blockchain to downsload or notify the developers of the issue” Why do I see this message, what do I have to do? Thank you


Hi mella.10,

I am not part of the coreteam, but I will try to help.

The “guestestimated wallet” is just an estimation of all your holdings and is not updated that regularly. It shouldn’t bother you too much.

The minting will give you 10% for the first five days, if it did not stake in five days time you will get 2% extra for each extra day it takes until you stake. Sometimes depending on the size of the block you stake it can take longer than 5 days to stake, and from there you will get the extra 2% per day for that specific block taking longer than 5 days, until it stakes.

“Warning: Checkpoint is too old. Wait for blockchain to download or notify the developers of the issue”

Seeming that your wallet is fully synced (otherwise the coins could not have transferred to you wallet) I suggest you look at what version wallet you have installed. The correct version is v0.1.2.2-gd0cbc83.
Too see what version you have, click on the “help” button in the wallet’s main menu, and then on “About Sprouts”.

Remember too make a backup of your wallet.dat file before making any changes.


This is an old warning that appears in the old version of the sprouts wallet. Its not such a big problem, its just more of an annoyance. It can be fixed by upgrading to the newer version.
What is your current version? The latest version, as @oogone says is: v0.1.2.2-gd0cbc83.

Be sure to make various backup copies of your original “wallet.dat” file before doing any experimenting.

I’ve listed here some directions on getting the latest version installed:

Here is a comment on the old warning you’ve posted:

And this looks like the earliest posting of that warning from 2016:


Thank you Oogone, I appreciate very much. I also thank Arcmetal and all Developers for all answers, patience, efforts, hardwork and dedication with launching sprouts+.


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