Question about a wallet address for Devs


Hi, I recently opened a new wallet. I can find it through the search function for the blockchain; However, I cannot find it in the rich list. Does it matter. Do I need to make sure it’s on the list or is it ok just through the search. I’m worried when the swap happens its not recognized. thank you.


Hi @Sprouter,

As a general rule, if you’ve bought Sprouts from a reputable exchange online, you’re safe and covered. Obviously you should enable two factor authentication or similar to protect your wallet but otherwise, you should be fine.

There is no requirement for when the new wallet is released, to be listed in any rich list.

When the new wallet is released, you will interact directly with your wallet and with our Sprouts infrastructure so there’s no chance you’ll get left behind as long as you keep checking in on occasionally and follow the guide when the time comes.

Which exchange did you purchase your Sprouts through?


You are fine if you can spot it while using the search function on the blockchain.

All that matters is what is listed in the blockchain. The “rich list” is compiled by applications running on the explorer’s servers, and they don’t update it extremely frequently. After a certain amount of time your address will eventually show up there.


Thanks so much. I appreciate it.