Problem with wallet .. No sprouts


Think another than roaming place. I try add your chain to my thread

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After a wallet reaches the amount of 2 billion, team Dev recommends sending part of the balance to a new wallet so you receive the stake, or just generating a second address in the wallet already solves this problem?


If you reach near 2 billion you can just send half to another address on the same wallet. Then the coins will be split between two addresses. It might start the clock on staking anew on the sent coins, but its better than not staking at all.

You can also do this using the coin control features in the wallet.


Thank you @arcmetal,


hi guys I have a problem with my wallet my blockchain c is frozen at 664606 it puts me in retrieval the last block recut was generated 1 day ago
so Iā€™m fine but I have not turned off my computer for a week
I restart my wallet and still like it does not change anything
on the other hand I have always active connections
does anyone have the same problem


hello should i delete everything other than wallet data?