Problem with wallet .. No sprouts


Good day Sprouters.

I send a few Sprouts from the exchange to my wallet.

I unlocked my wallet but they are not in my wallet.

In the bottom of the wallet i still see a lock and 2 computer screens with an X.

How can i unlock everything?

Hope to hear from you.


What is the transaction ID for the sprouts you sent from the exchange? You’ll be able to find this number from a link the exchange will provide, somewhere in a list of your transactions.


if you have transaction ID, go here
Enter your transaction ID into search box, then search, you will know where is your sprouts now.
Your wallet shows
a lock: mean that you lock your wallet with password ( it’s normal )
2 computer screens with an X: mean that your wallet haven’t sync with network yet. You may sync it first before receiving your sprouts


Thanks for your reactions … I think i have a problem with the wallet what i read.
Windows 10 probs?

A question … I am new to Sprouts … My mind says … Sell that shit.
Not because the coin intself but the effort i must do before the wallet will sync.

My appdata does not have a map called sprouts.
Do i must make a directory and put the conf file in it?

Whn will this all work properly?


I did the above … add nodes to config file and put it in appdata.

restart my computer still a lock and an x.
I unlocked my wallet.

What did i do rong?


I sync network when my wallet is new. So i can’t help much in this case. I know your furious over the wallet. It take me like a month to install the wallet properly. That why the dev team is developing new wallet


Thanks for your message …
The wallet is new … There are 0 coins on it now and 1.500.000 coins waiting for it to sync.
This is a test because i want to buy much more.

Anybody any ideas.


Why i do not have a connection


Did you check this thread ?


did it but no luck.

I also unlocked my wallet for minting but i still see the lock @ the botttom


One thing that may help. Close your wallet. Open sprouts.conf. Check if you have extra empty line at end of file. If it has, try remove it.


It sounds like your sprouts.conf file is still not setup correctly since its not connecting.

If you are on a win10 OS, I just posted a possible fix for the config file here:


Ok … think i got it


Thanks for your help … It is worling … The mistake was not to put it in the roaming map.
I think it’s time for some glasses. hahahahahaha

Thanks … price = up … that’s a good thing


Finally deciphered the comment above and the wallet is now being sync’d…

I had to move the following files in another folder that wasn’t %AppData%/Roaming:
sprouts.exe (size: 23,469 kb)

This means the only file in %AppData%/Roaming is sprouts.conf


Well done.

You are correct, the sprouts.exe and the dlls should be in their own directory, and then you can create a shortcut to the sprouts.exe file to then start the wallet from anywhere you want.

That “roaming” directory which is initially created and can be located at:
will contain the sprouts.conf file that you create, plus other files like: wallet.dat, database, blk0001.dat, blkindex.dat, and so on.




that helped me lot … thx


BootStrap File (Quick Wallet sync )

Download adress —>!7FMWGDpK!fZlLAC5o6jexP8uFgPmgWo6nSsmgJDK5zIxKDcUjpag

search your computer for %appdata%\Sprouts

Extract downloaded Bootstrap File, copy/move all of it contents to the Sprouts folder above.

ex) C:\Users\yourUsersName\AppData\Roaming\Sprouts <–paste here~!

Restart Wallet!

Wait the sync process…