Please help me Dev!


Hello I’m investor from South Korea.

I have a problem about wallet.

I recently bought sprouts coin for POS. Then I installed the wallet in my computer.
Nextly, I sent 100,000,000 sprouts coin to first address which wasn’t in synchronization.
Then I realized that I should synchronize the wallet. But the wallet was not working for synchroizing. So I delete first wallet in my computer. and I reinstalled.
then wallet was working for synchronizing. However, the address of new wallet was changed. And I can’t find the sprouts coin in my wallet. How can I find my coin?

I sent coin to sprouts wallet on Coinexchange and I know the address.

Please kindly let me know the way to find my coin.
I’m waiting for your reply ASAP.

Thank you dev.
All the best to your way!


You need to backup wallet.dat first before doing anything. If you delete everything and reinstall the wallet without old wallet.dat, the wallet will create new address. Unfortunate, sorry I think that even the dev team can’t help you in this case because of the natural of cryptocurrency. If you send coin to any address and lost the access to it, it will lost forever.


Sorry to hear that.

Like @demonchild mentioned: I do not know how to help you with this. Maybe someone else can, but I doubt it.

Not creating a backup deleted the address to where you sent your Sprouts. Now the transaction will never be completed as the address will never be found, or be linked to your wallet. At least I do not think it possible. That is why exchanges, etc. warn users to check the addresses before sending. Once sent, you can not undo.


Maybe a stupid suggestion, But is it maybe in your thrashcan on your pc ? If so , backup the new installed one, and (from the thrashcan folder) use right mouse button, and ‘restore’.

If you’re lucky, it might be in there. Good luck.
If it’s in the trash, and you’re unsure how to proceed, drop a message :slight_smile:


Maybe this will help


Thank you for your reply guys! I’ll try it.