Our new website


Home page looks great! Especially the Navbar.Auxilium Logo on the left which always looks great when the rest of the nav tabs are coming out from the right. The font size on said tabs on the right are too small, at least on my desktop anyway. Great colour sceme / font… it’s great on the eyes


@spongle thank you, however you are looking at our current (read:old) website.
Our new website will be launched 15th September, designed by professional design firm. :smiley:


Some programmers excel at the aesthetic side of web design which is more important than people think and as the majority of programmers deal in compter logic, it’s easy to forget CSS! Can you imagine the internet without CSS? It would be rather dull… so what languages, frameworks, databases etc. are being used for the new site? I study React js… It’s really kicked off since a few years ago!


Hi @Spongle,

We’re using WordPress as it was quick and easy to set up and allows us to focus our efforts on developing projects and the overall organisation.

We have hired a graphic design firm and copywriter to write the content for, and design the new site.

The new site looks many times more smart and professional than our existing site and we can’t wait to get it out there.

As we’re also developers, we have the ability to tie each of our platforms together as required.



A good looking site that has a well thought out system of navigating sounds like it should be the easy part to build but it’s rarely the case I find. Also there’s the whole cross compatability issue, Some devs seem to ignore the least used mediums (desktops i guess?) to focus on tablets, not to mention the 50 odd iterations of the damn things! It must be difficult to build an app that functions well over all mediums… I’m loving this forum actually. Looks great and feels great to use… a good community makes it that much better!


Hi @Spongle,

We like this forum as well. It’s called Discourse. https://www.discourse.org/

Very easy to set up and use.

We have a great community. Many are currently hibernating, waiting for us to gain momentum. Once it starts warming up in here, it’ll be heaps of fun.


Website looks great!! By the way I was curious if you guys plan on speaking at any crypto conferences or conferences in general?


Thanks @Heavyfoot yes, for sure, Auxilium Global has every intention in the future of being present at conferences etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

In this phase we are still building the foundation of our cryptocurrency company of course, but if all goes well there are very exciting times to come. Looking forward to it.


Hi, just have noticed that the web-site design changed. And I want to share my thoughts.

I understand the idea of the main photo, but my first reaction was that I have misspelled something in the address and this is not Auxilium website at all.
I loved the previous design and I see what you want to show with new one.

Maybe you should try to put the big “A” on the photo to attract the attention to the logo. At the moment the boy’s eyes take all the attention and I don’t understand in the very first moment “what am I doing here at all?”

So even me, the Auxilium holder was a bit confused about 5-10 seconds, and didn’t know where am I and where to click/go next.


I am not sure about, maybe I am just tired, but I have no any desire to read the text on the web site. I want to skip-skip-skip. I want my eyes attach to something, but it doesn’t happens. I don’t know why, maybe the font, maybe the newspaper structure/style (2 columns)

Let me think… maybe the font color… It is a bit too grey. You know, when you install somesthing or where some functions in some Apps are inactive you automatically skip this text. So you have to put more energy to force yourself to read grey color in case there are something important.

I think it is better to use font color like on the forum messages - not too dark, not too grey.

P.s. It is just my opinion, if some one else agree or disagree I think we should speak about it here.


Thanks for your opinion @Fierze


Hi @Fierze,

Thank you for your feedback .Much appreciated.

We’re taking your points on board and we’re going to play with some variations of font colour that stand out some more.

If you don’t mind, we may show you some of the pages with darker font colours to see whether you feel more inclined to read rather than skip, before updating the site to the public.