Our new website


Dear community,

We’d like to announce the launch of our long overdue website, which can be found by following the link below.

As you’ll see (hopefully,) we’ve aimed to make the brand fresh and clean, which is more in line with our vision and philosophy.

We have also redesigned our logo and feel it projects strength and confidence while still remaining understated.

We feel confident this website and overall branding will create a solid base for Auxilium Global to attract investors, partners and a much larger, global community.

The greater our success, the stronger our community, the more good we can achieve, on a global scale.

How much good can be achieved? Just you wait and see…

Kind regards,
The Auxilium Team

Roadmap and updates (updated daily)
Auxilium Monthly Review: January 2019

Long life Auxilium
Thank you for your great work



@James the site looks good. Congratulations.

Anyway I have some suggestions for the website. Hope they will help.

  • Add icon beside the h2 title in the article. It may look too simple.
  • Use W3 total cache plugin to cache the post + combine the css to speed up the site


Thanks, as always @demonchild.

We will run some scenarios and test your suggestions.

Much appreciated.


I am very excited. Great job!

May I have one suggestion for the design?
Just have noticed that some words a bit smeared with those dots on background.
For example the “Get started” page:

Also this small dot between H and R(and maybe the dot after the “GREEN” word too) seems unnecessary, unclean or lonesome can’t even describe, hah ))

Anyway it is just my opinion. Hope this will not abuse anyone…


Hi @Fierze first of all thanks for the compliment. Second: thanks for the “pointers” (haha, word play). I think we certainly can try and do something with your constructive opinion.


Here again ))
If it was not make intentionally then there are duplicates on the “support” page.


@Fierze thanks very helpful! After seeing it tons of times we also sometimes do not see “duplicates”.


We appreciate (the) pointers from the community. We will always look seriously at suggestions. We already have made some small adjustments after recieving helpful suggestions. It does us much good to see community members this involved. It is always good to have an extra set of eyes look at a product. Together we will make this a great success :slightly_smiling_face:



W3 total cache plugin is one of the top free plugins, but comes with some internal flaws. We have been busy optimising the website speed with different methods. Both desktop and mobile are already a lot faster than before. We will keep working on it as we know speed of a website is very important. Hope you already experience the difference :slight_smile:


@Gonnabetya Yeah I saw that you use WP Super Cache for the website. That plugin is good too. I haven’t used that plugin yet because some others said it caused server high load before. Not sure now. I use W3 Total Cache for 2 sites and they seem fine. If the WP Super Cache cause high load, you can also try Hyper Cache. I am using it for some sites and they works fine. OOp, I just looked site again. You use wp-rocket now, the site seem much faster now.

One more thing that I would like to suggest for the website. Live help chat. For example

I know that we already have Discord. But if we have 24/7 helper in the website, it will look more professional.


@demonchild we have invested in a commercial brand optimiser. This has resulted in even better scores and speed.

I am familiair with Tawk.to. We have decided not to have a live chat (for now). We have so many platforms on which we support already. At the moment a live chat on the website would be a little to much. Also it does not motivate people to actually read the content.



When the swap will done approx time plz


Hi Ratandong,

We’re hoping to have launched the swap within the next six to eight weeks, or sooner.



@ratandong to add: we are first going to perform a testnet. You can participate as a volunteer to “practice” with the new wallet. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello guys, is possible to buy the coin already?


@Ale1111 we have a roadmap on the website which displays where we are in the process. As you can see we are working on the TestNet. Making ik ready for the last test, with volunteers from the community, before we swap.


Deseando intercambiar


Hola, ¿quieres decir que deseas cambiar de Sprouts a Auxilium?


Thanks for the information.