No interest of October come to my wallet

Sorry to write here but I don’t know how to make a support ticket. I didn’t get October interest, can you help please?


HI and welcome to our community @Ssuw456,

The AID platform pays out interest on the last month, not the new month.

So on the 1st (or thereabouts) of October, you’d receive AID from September.

Knowing this:

  1. Did you hold any Auxilium coins in your personal wallet (exchange wallets aren’t included in AID distributions) for at least 24 hours in September?

if so, please PM me your AUX address so we can have a look at what may have happened.

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Thank you for reply but all my friends got interes on 5 October but I didn’t. And I didn’t do anything with my wallet. I don’t know what month interest but other friends just already got. My latest interest is on 2 September.
My aux explorer is here :point_down:


Hi @Ssuw456,
Thanks for the update and information. We’ll get back to you shortly.

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Any news, please?

Hi @Ssuw456,
My apologies for the delay. I’m working currently to fix and finish projects for my day job. Will resolve this within the next 48 hours.

Don’t worry, whatever happens, I’ll make sure you get the interest you should have received.

The specific reason I’d like more time to look into this is because I’d like to look over all AID transactions from October to find out if anyone else was missed. It’ll take a few hours to do.


Hi @MrBoe,
Please would you PM me your AUX address.

If anyone else notices they’ve missed out on October’s AID, please PM me your AUX address(es) and I’ll rectify as quickly as possible.

As I mentioned above, no one needs to worry. We’ll find the error and correct it. You’ll receive the AID you were due.

I’ve been meaning to update the AID platform to include more error checking for some time. It seems like now is a good time.

Thank you.

Hi @Ssuw456 and @MrBoe,
Just a quick note to let you know we’ve not forgotten about you. I have a day off regular work tomorrow and will fix this then.

Sorry for the delay.

Ok, thank you.

Hello James may adress AUX 0x6C2A06545d88CBcd0aB641d5ABF1bE736aD135bC

Hi @Ssuw456 and @MrBoe ,
My apologies for the long delay. we’ve made changes to the AID platform and will monitor more closely for any issues.

AID will be distributed within 24 hours for October and at the same time, anyone who didn’t get their AID in September, will get theirs.

Sorry once again for the delay.

Hi James,
Please don’t apologise. You all works very hard, I am very appreciated :pray:. Thank you very much for your care and try best for AUX.:pray::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hi James,
There is still no latest interest in my wallet. Thank you.

Hi James,
I got the reward of October but only for last month. The reward for September still missing. Please kindly check on my address I attached before. You told it will be 2 months reward I will get. Please kindly fix. Thank you :pray:t2::pray: