No coinexchange account how else can i buy sprout?




Our marketplace is open at BTCPOP! :seedling::fire::seedling::fire::seedling::fire::seedling::fire::seedling:

Sprouts Exchange


great! question, i see people have had difficulty in withdraws and deposits. im looking to invest a heavy sum in sprout, wondering if there will be difficulty getting my bitcoin in to purchase or out for that matter? thanks!!


Dont buy with btc. The price is not yet 1 satoshi.


so what are my other options?


Buy it with Dogle


you mean doge? but on what exchange? nova & coinexchange dont except new registrations…so annoying!


I bought on coinexchange, is that not okay?


are you sure coinexchange doesn’t accept new registration?, cuz I helped my friend to register by 2days ago…