NEW Mega Airdrop of 1 million AUX!

Dear Auxilium community,

We are hosting another mega airdrop between 22nd December 2018 and 1st Februari 2019.

1 million AUX will be distributed of our 100 million AUX circulating supply!

By completing some simple tasks you can earn up to 200 AUX!

If you participated in the previous twitter airdrop you can still participate in this airdrop, but will not be compensated for tasks already submitted.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team



Awesome announcement and airdrop.

My concern is the emphasis putted on the fact that AUX is NOT an ERC20, and that the address to receive the airdrop should not be an ERC20 address.

I am a bit confused as the design of the wallet I downloaded during the swap process last summer, is really similar to some ERC20 if I remember accuratly.

The wallet I have currently is: V 0.1.0.

Is that the last one and the one I should get my address from?

Thanks in advance

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Hello @Altcoinlover

Nothing to be concerned about. The reason why we state that AUX is no ERC20 token, because the majority of cryptocurrencies are Ethereum tokens. All Ethereum based cryptocurrency have similar structure of address (0x…) like Bitcoin based cryptocurrency have the same structure as Bitcoin.

Auxilium has a customised Ethereum code-base, but is a coin and platform with independent blockchain and network.

Because people are used to tokens being launched the most lately they might think AUX is a token. There are tokens with the same ticker symbol created for nearly all cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain… Confusing I know. But not to worry. Nobody will ever launch or list with AUX, because we are already listed. Exchanges check for that.

Not only is mentioning this (not being a token) to be sure people have the correct address (and we sending funds to the correct address), but it is also to make clear Auxilium is a coin. Coins are on Mainnet, tokens are not. Thus, that should be an advantage for AUX that people might not know yet.

The wallets on are the latest wallets. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot for the clarification.

Probably, I am not apying attention to the numerous ERC20 tokens created.
You are right, there are tons, without value or purpose :wink:

All the best for AUX