New Look Auxilium!



Dear Auxilium Community,

In preparation for the launch of the Auxilium TestNet and following that, the Auxilium MainNet, you may have noticed we have re-branded Auxilium.

We have redesigned the logo and colour scheme so that they feel more vibrant, less heavy, and a little more smart and techy.

The colour Green projects a sense of new growth, fresh and clean, while Blue projects trust and confidence.

Our new look logo is made up of polygons symbolising a mesh network of people and nodes spread across the world, while the colours provide a more vibrant and alive look and feel, more dynamic.

We will today try to apply the new look on all active platforms. Also, our almost finished website, will match this new style (of course). As will the wallets, etc.

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team

Roadmap and updates (updated daily)


Hi, I am using Mac. Will the wallet be available for download on the new website?


Hello, Sprouts+ will be compatible with Mac. Downloads will be found on the to come website.


Great many thanks, looking forward to it!


hello i was absent for few weeks and i now im reading everything lol , but what we have to do now keep waititng? or its a wallet that i have to send my sprouts? thanks a lot :smiley:


Hi Wariorpat,

Keep holding. We’re close to opening the TestNet for community interaction and testing.

Once that’s done and assuming there are no major bugs that need fixing, we will launch the MainNet, get listed on the exchanges, Coinmarketcap, etc.


I find it shameful not to have heard of the name change of sprouts without having asked for a vote from the communities, and without making any announcement or email to warn us
unless I missed a publication from you


Thank you for your feedback sp6men75,

Sprouts has not changed its name. This forum is for Sprouts+ (which has just been renamed to Auxilium.)

If you’re looking for Sprouts, you can find it here: