Name change - From Sprouts+ to Auxilium


Dear community,

As many of you may be aware, the Sprouts+ team formed originally as the Sprouts development team. Our intention was to rescue Sprouts from its projected trajectory towards death due to hyperinflation, looming exponential curve and lack of its original developer, or any developer for that matter.

At the time we formed the Sprouts development team, there were fewer than 25 active Sprouts community members.

We worked hard to help prevent the entire Sprouts community, ourselves included, from losing out on the investment we had each put into Sprouts.

After a number of discussions, the team then started thinking outside the box and began to talk about launching a global initiative utilising blockchain technology to affect real change in the world for the betterment of people, animals and the environment. A green and philanthropic currency and organisation.

We started to discuss upgrading the technology, namely, the Sprouts code-base, to something more modern and with added features built in. We decided we liked Ethereum and felt smart contracts would be integral to achieving our goal and so we opted to put the idea to the community in the form of a vote.

As part of this process and speculating the community would vote to use the Ethereum code-base, we decided to call the new Ethereum-based blockchain, Sprouts+. The idea was that we were Sprouts, +, new technology, smart contracts and thirdly, we wanted to separate ourselves a little from the original developer, while still keeping the brand alive.

The community overwhelmingly voted to change to an Ethereum-based currency as we had anticipated would be the case, and so we set about building Sprouts+.

A handful of vocal Sprouts community members were completely against the 40% premine we opted for. 16% apportioned for the security and integrity of the new currency, to ensure a fair and level playing field for all, and 24% apportioned as capital, in order to get the organisation off the ground and on its way to achieving its goals.

This group of unhappy community members broke off and formed their own Sprouts development team.

Due to the ongoing confusion regarding the boundaries between Sprouts and Sprouts+, the hostility shown by a handful of Sprouts community members towards Sprouts+ and team, and general entanglement, we have decided to re name our brand, to Auxilium.

Auxilium is a Latin word (pronounced /au̯kˈ meaning: aid, assistance, relief, help, backing, resource.

We feel the name Auxilium is a perfect fit for the intended goal and philosophy of our platform.

We will begin updating all our platforms to reflect the name change from today, and hope you feel as we do, that a clean break will help build greater strength and a healthier and more creative atmosphere that’s less confusing and more unique.

We will keep the new logo and colour scheme recently unveiled.

Today we have over 5,000 community members spread across our social media platforms and we’re incredibly heartened by the result, especially considering we have not yet launched the currency.

We are still moving forward as planned with the swap, enabling all existing Sprouts holders to swap to Auxilium with no change to the arrangement already in place.

We appreciate your continued support and patience while we work to launch the website and TestNet and are really excited about this next phase.

For any who see this name change as negative, we apologise to you and hope that should you decide to leave us as a result, that you find prosperity in whichever future endeavours you chose to connect with.


The Auxilium Team



Please comment and share your thoughts about the name change if you have any…


Very good idea

                                      **long life Auxilium**


I remember when I joined the slack, and it had a maximum of 20 people, and today we see this great community, and growing even more, this is the result of good work, congratulations to all involved in this great project.


Thank you Rodpalmeira,
Much appreciated and kind words…

We’re just getting started!


Thank you Patbtc,

Appreciate your feedback and support!


Very good name.
I am sure that Auxilium will be at the spotlight this year.
Congrats for the Dev Team and for us supporters.


Thank you Belmont,

We’re really happy with it too and all being well, we should get some good press and time under the spotlight if we’re able to launch Auxilium with POS before any other Ethereum-based currencies do.


Thanks all for the positive comments, I also had a lot through social media platforms. The support is growing and with Auxilium we have a way better opportunity to become a success. A fresh start. A fresh and fair start all of you patient community members deserve.


@James I think you should redirect all old domain to now. Old social account shouldn’t be deleted, we should post notice in these account that we move to new name.

Oh and I like the “Auxilium” name, it sound morden and kinda high tech :grinning:


Hi @demonchild,

Thanks for the advice. I’m working on it.

I’m not going to redirect or leave a message on any longer. We’ll leave Sprouts alone.


that’s so great, The new coin should have new name that independent with sprout before. I like Auxilium


Good idea, and better for everymeaning


Thanks for this great idea! waiting for updates :slight_smile: