My wallet does not sync


Hello everyone, first of all, I want to make you aware of my problem that already has me overwhelmed, forgive me but I’m not English, well I’ll explain:
The day
2017-10-21 01:22:18
Do a sprouts transaction from coinexchange to the sprouts wallet on windows, first I could not get it to connect to the wallet, send the sprouts without knowing that I was not connected to the blockchain, I’m trying everything since since that day I have not I saw my sprouts again, the transaction was confirmed, but still I can not see my wallet synchronized, I put the Bootstrap, I still can not see my sprouts, I’m already desperate, I could not find a solution to this problem, help with the specialized community, I do not know if I have lost my sprouts or should synchronize the wallet, I do not know what to do, this wallet does not synchronize or blows I need urgent help, I will leave pictures of the version I currently use and ID transaction in the block chain, I’ll wait for your response, thank you very much, I hope you can help me.

Link chainz: sprouts1


Malditos sprouts2


Your sprouts still in network. If you send to right address, it won’t lost, don’t worry. Regarding sync prolem, did you read this thread ?


Yes, I have read it, now I have added to the list of configurations but it only appears to me that it has 2 active connections of sprouts network, I do not know what else I can do to solve, I have to point out that if I do not enable the connection of port 9901 does not connect . i think i do not read the sprouts.conf fileSprouts 1


Get the latest active node here

Scroll down and you will see copy “addnode button” in that page. Click on it to copy latest active node

Yes, based on your image, your wallet is sync now. Your wallet is downloading blocks ( syncing ), when it done, you will see your sprouts in the wallet

PS: 1 or 2 active connections doesn’t matter as long as you have active connections. It just the sync speed will slow if you have less active connections

PPS: You will need to wait. I had to leave my wallet open for 1 day in order to full sync.


How long can the synchronization of the blocks take, I have already copied the last active nodes, as you have posted, I will wait for your response, in case you do not download the blocks, what could be the problem?
PSS : The other, my wallet is encrypted, will not download the blocks?Sprouts 1


I will explain simple. Block here is like a note that contains everybody’s transaction. If you don’t have this note in full, you can’t receive any coin. If I send you 10 coin, your note don’t record my 10 coin transaction, your wallet won’t credit this 10 coin.

Back to the sync, you can speed up this process by using BlockChain Snapshot

Anyway do it with your own risk and alway take a backup wallet first

The safe way is leaving your wallet syncing. But it will take time


The other, my wallet is encrypted, will not download the blocks??


Did you see xxxx blocks remaining bar in your picture above? If that number count down, your wallet is downloading the blocks.

I’m not sure about encrypted. If your wallet don’t download blocks, try to unencrypted it.


I see that you are probably using Win 10. Unless you have turned off the blocking of extensions within windows explorer, you are going to have a problem with the configuration file “sprouts.conf”. It could be that your “sprouts.conf” is actually called “sprouts.conf.txt” from within Win 10 if you can’t see the extensions. And so, the sprouts wallet is looking for “sprouts.conf” … so it won’t see it if its called “sprouts.conf.txt”.

I described that problem here:


Whether the wallet is encrypted or not does not effect the syncing of the wallet.

I’m not sure its possible to un-encrypt a wallet once its been encrypted. You can change its password, but that won’t un-encrypt it.


Open lock to minting


I was in case before that the wallet didn’t sync when my wallet was encrypted. It sync like 99% then stop, when I unlock my wallet, it continue sync fully.

And I think that Matiascarm got right sprouts.conf. If the sprouts.conf is wrong, the wallet won’t get any active connections, right?


It’s been almost 12 hours, I still do not synchronize 1 block, I do not know what else can be, I’m annoyed with this wallet, I need your helpSprouts 1




Please help me put the wallet to work.


Are you Brazilian?!, if yes please contact me on the telegram, so I can help you. The profile is with the photo of Harley Quinn.


Ok I will do a video for syncing wallet FAQ. Please wait me a moment as I will do it in spare time


Correct. That wallet is not syncing because the “sprouts.conf” is still not set correctly, something is still wrong with it.


I can see that you are probably using windows 10. There tends to be a problem with creating the “sprouts.conf” file in there if you have not first turned on the ability to see file extensions. This can cause it to create a file called “sprouts.conf.txt” … which is not what the sprouts wallet is looking for.

I’ve put some more details concerning this here: