My sprouts coin is gone


I sent my sprouts coin to my sprouts wallet, but it’s gone. Please fix it. SMbE1KC6c5MpqwA3uQmpvubG4mM7Rb5eTT
Address 20188020.74854400 sprouts coin missing on 2018-01-06. Please help me.


First of all: “please fix it” does not sound very nice.
Second: we are Sprouts+ and not Sprouts. But because we have to deal with this transition I will gladly help you through PM like I have done with many before you.
Please send me a PM with a screenshot of the wallet (bottom areas are important).
I will help you step by step.



My coin sent on 2018-01-06 did not come in, but the coin sent on 2018-01-10 came in normally with my wallet.
20188020.74854400 coins disappeared on 2018-01-06




@poorul look at warning note in your wallet. You may need to update node in sprouts.conf


2018-01-10 The coin arrived normally on the date. Is this not a normal wallet?


@poorul Your block chain is not downloaded ( mean sync here ), that why you haven’t received it. Don’t worry your sprouts still in the network, it won’t go anywhere if you send the correct wallet. Find way to sync it. The warning is clearly in your wallet screenshoot.



커뮤니티에 최신정보를 찾아 최신화를 시켰습니다. 이것이 아닌가요?


@poorul a block chain is like a note of transaction. It like bittorrent where you download from everybody with many part. I’m not the expert but your coin is not gone, you just need fully sync. Try update your sprouts.conf with coinexchange peer node

And english please.


You have completed all actions. The coin still did not come in.


@poorul Did you restart your wallet? And did the warning disappear in the wallet overview page? if it is, try wait a bit.


Restart is complete.
The warning message has not disappeared.
Let me wait a day or so.


My coin still does not come in.