My recomendation event

This is a recommendation from me, what if the airdrop has ended, you give an event in the community forum?
This is so that members switch to more actively in this forum, the system (badge) of this forum has several levels, there are basic, members etc.
to get that level people have to be active and provide posts to read and it takes a few days to get to that level. You can give rewards according to the level they reach. basic example: 100 AUX Member: 250 AUX.
I think, to make this community grow and active, this is a good recommendation. thanks @Anton JamesAux @james


I like the idea, certainly.
But it needs more thought.

We can’t simply reward people for adding comments (people might just spam for instance).

Additionally there are 12.000 accounts. This would need a very serious amount of AUX. AUXL token would be more suitable for this case.

To make it workable we need the forum to create actual revenue also (e.g. attract more people, generate more ideas, increase trading volume). Otherwise we only give coins/token which will devaluate the cryptocurrency.

Any ideas on how to do this?


Maybe you can modify this event in your own way, taking into account several aspects as well. especially have to consider the disadvantages and advantages. whatever the next event, I still support aux. :sunglasses:


Each user rewarded with tokens should be asked to reinvest in the forum in order to be able to receive their tokens more and in time will get more tokens if his reincedt sum exceeds some number of tokens. You can also be asked to deposit = invest


Thanks for your input, so what you’re saying is:

  1. Person buys AUX
  2. Person deposits AUX on the forum for X period of time
  3. Person will get Y reward for holding AUX on the forum for X-period of time

So more or less a smart contract will lock the AUX up for X period, so people can’t sell. But will reward people for doing this. Right?

isn’t that a staking system? I think Aux uses the PoA system. not PoS or PoW. what if you just do fundraising. Private sale / public sale or whatever. the only problem is 2 if in fundraising, the price of aux is more expensive than the mercantox market, maybe people who just want coins, want to buy there more, but people who want this community to grow will prefer to buy at the raising fund. sorry if my english is wrong a lot, i rely on google translate

You have a point, but we can’t control the Mercatox price.
We’ll sell for a price that we think is more than fair during the fundraiser.
It’s very likely that people who want to buy large amounts of AUX will be able to buy cheaper during the fundraiser than on Mercatox.
It’s additionally important that people realize that buying at the fundraiser will lead to a top exchange listing fasten, which will lead to an even higher price sooner.

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