Must Read Letter for All Community

Dear Auxilium community,

Two days ago we posted the ‘deadlines postponed’ message. Through this letter we want to inform you about the current situation of Auxilium Global in more depth, our thoughts on community involvement and the possible steps ahead.

Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency was created as an independent coin and platform under the Auxilium Global banner in the summer of 2018, after a lot of hard work and conceptualizing this from the end of 2017. Since then we’ve come far. We’ve checked a lot of fundamentally important boxes along the road. Business wise, technologically and from a community building perspective. Technologically we for instance outperform many traditional Proof of Work and Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies. For those not yet familiar with these facts, please read: However, many will have recognized this, if the community size is any indication. We now have around 16,200 people in the Auxilium Global Telegram chat, 19,400 followers on Twitter and 14,800 registered forum members. These are big numbers.

Because of these big community numbers we figured we could reach our top exchange listing goal together through the Auxilium Community Fundraiser. Note the word: together! A fundraiser giving community members the chance to support the project by buying AUX for a fixed sum of 0,03 USD. Yes, this price is higher than the price on Mercatox exchange, but you’re investing in the future of Auxilium, thus the future value of your AUX coins you hold. If every registered forum member would invest 20 USD via the fundraiser we would reach our goal instantly.

Let’s get more concrete from this point on and throw out two serious statements:

  1. without the community fundraiser becoming a success AUX very likely will never get listed on a top exchange. This will make it very unlikely that we’ll ever reach the 1 USD (or more) per AUX mark, which is absolutely doable from a technological and community size perspective. The team is unable to pay for such a listing.
  2. In line with this: the team might even be unable to continue maintaining the network in the future if we don’t make the next step (i.e. get listed on a top exchange). There is simply a limit to what people can keep investing personally (in time and money) into a project; especially during this pandemic.

Community, put your money where your mouth is!
This is your chance to make Auxilium cryptocurrency the success it can be, and make your AUX coins worth significantly more than they’re worth now.

Additionally we want to shed light on the fact that we don’t need to reach 300,000 USD instantly!

We’re putting every investment into the Auxilium Investment Fund. This fund consists of top-20 cryptocurrencies, making it possible for us to leverage the success of other cryptocurrencies during the bull market. You can find some calculation examples below.

In previous bull markets main cryptocurrencies have risen 1,000% or more. If this happens again, and it’s likely history repeats, then we’re looking at a goal of 30,000 USD instead of 300,000 USD. We’re even more optimistic about a few cryptocurrencies, and think they can do up to 5,000% in 2021, making the goal even easier to reach if the community invests now. Respectively this would mean we’ll only need 2 USD or even only 0,40 USD per community member through the fundraiser!

For now however, as a direct result of lacking financial resources we’ve development delays also, meaning:

  1. AUXL token development and AUXL distribution will be postponed till further notice;
  2. Auxilium mobile wallet is postponed, and expected end of November 2020;
  3. AUXL airdrop bot will still end 31st October 2020 (These delays will not negatively impact AUXL airdrop participants waiting on the mobile wallet. The mobile wallet will come out first before we distribute the AUXL tokens.);
  4. AUX snapshot (for AUXL bonus tokens) will be postponed, and expected end of November 2020;

We hope this letter is a wake-up call for everyone holding AUX and hope you appreciate the transparency the team has given the community once again.

Of course we’re interested to hear ideas as well, for instance on ways to market the community fundraiser to a larger audience, and/or other ideas that can stimulate people buying through the fundraiser.

For those trying to sell AUX coins through the exchange as we speak: please take into consideration selling - and therefore keeping the exchange price below the fundraiser price - is doing exactly the opposite to the price and future of Auxilium than you probably want.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team