Monday Update: situation per 19th March (updated 22nd March) 2018


Dear Auxilium Community,

Over the weekend the forum hit 1,000 community members which, is awesome!

Last week we launched the TestNet with assistance from Auxilium community volunteers. We had a great run where transactions, contracts, etc. all worked as expected.

A lot of positive comments followed on the look and functionality, but also the necessary feedback, which we appreciate a lot.

Thanks to the TestNet and number of active volunteers, we discovered a serious bug in our implementation of POS, which needed correcting before continuing on with the TestNet.

The good news is that we have found the issue and over the next couple of days, will run some short tests, recompile the node binaries and then push out a node update to all volunteers who can then continue testing the network and staking.

We have decided to leave the TestNet and faucet in maintenance mode until we push out the updated node software, and will also continue to hold on inviting new volunteers onto the TestNet as well.

We will provide another update in two days and all being well, will be in a position to continue on with the TestNet and invite new volunteers to participate, at the same time.

Have a wonderful week.

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team

Roadmap and updates (updated daily)

Dear Auxilium Community,

A short update from us.

Like promised we would inform you within two days.

We have been working on fixing the wallet. During TestNet a bug was found and needs fixing. As you can understand fixing a wallet and testing wallet adjustments before relaunching TestNet can take up some time.

We are happy with our decision setting up a TestNet which resulted in finding this bug. As you might know by now we choose quality over quantity. In the longterm this will result in a better product, and a more successful launch of the MainNet of Auxilium.

Once we are able to relaunch the TestNet and continue testing we will let you all know through our online platforms and add the latest applicants as TestNet Volunteer.

Because SPRTS, the coin which can be swapped for Auxilium, is an high PoS coin it is advised to stake your SPRTS (while waiting for the swap). Most of you already stake your SPRTS, but for those who are not: don’t forget to stake your SPRTS in the Sprouts wallet, or on BTCPop (a website which lets you stake, also with smaller holdings).

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team

Roadmap and updates (updated daily)

Link to BTCPop.


I was thinking. Could the swap wallet be opened beforehand. or something like pre swap stake wallet in order to make kind of a private pool so that ppl could feel safer about stakind. Their initial deposit giving them percentage of the stakes made. Its just that i have 68 mil now and im not seeind them ever staking if not in pool. I would just rather deposit them and be done with it :slight_smile:


@rovasti, the Auxilium wallet will be online beforehand.

To swap SPRTS for AUX you will have to perform a manual action; also to verify that you own the address of SPRTS.

A pool pre swap, which you mentioned, can be found on BTCPop. That is why we mentioned BTCPop: we know the difficulty of staking sprts is very high at the moment. With Auxilium this problem will be way smaller, because we have set an amount of AUX needed for more optimal staking.

Note: BTCPop takes 2% of your stakes as a fee. But that is not significant considering the amount you gain daily.