Mercatox wallets up and running again

Mercatox AUX wallets should be operating smoothly again. It should be possible to deposit and withdrawal again thanks to mutual efforts.

It’s December, any (crypto) Christmas wishes on your list?


I want trx :slight_smile: hope santa send me some TCcYKF5Hz3kCDKuqouoqrLHP8MgibfjaPr

hi anton why its still maintainance on my wallet at mercatox?

It’s still in maintenance mode, which is odd. I’ve asked the developers of Mercatox end of last week. Hoping to see a change in this @PrinceAl

@maresa TRX? I would much rather get AUX for Christmas!

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Do you have airdrop ? In telegram bot ? My problem there is where to use wallet address . Can i use mercatox address ?

ok thanks hoping for positive action on mercatox