Mercatox to aux wallet?

Using the account address beginning with 0x can i send my auxilium shares from mercatox to my aux wallet?

Hi @brockyoller and welcome to our community.

Yes, if you’ve created an Auxilium address in your personal desktop wallet, you’re then able to log into Mercatox and send AUX from Mercatox to your personal AUX address.

If you’re worried or unsure, start by sending a fraction of AUX (0.001 AUX) to your personal address before sending the bulk. The transfer will take place within 9.6 seconds so you won’t need to wait long to confirm.

In order to receive AID (the up to 8% interest per year without mining or staking) you’ll need to store AUX in your personal wallet and not on the exchange.

See this video :wink: