Loss of sprouts


Hello friends, it turns out that I had my coins in coinexchange and I wanted to create the purse of sprouts and I send it to my purse but now in coinexchange my sali has been sent and it is confirmed but in the sprouts office purse my nothing has arrived and I have nothing



  • Do you have connection to the Sprouts network? (right bottom corner Sprouts wallet)
  • Did you wait longer than few seconds, might take minutes?
  • Did you confirm your transaction from coinexchange through email?
  • Did you give the correct deposit address?


Hello and thanks for replying
if I have put the correct address
if I have confirmed my transaction in coinexchange and through my email and in coinexchange and my condirmado exit
They have already spent hours in truth and have not arrived
if I have a connection and it is loading or rather downloading the files.

what I left a lock that my put (the portfolio is incretado and currently blocked) can be for that reason? and if that is why I can set the unlocking, because it has been downloading files all morning


So you sent Sprouts while the wallet is still downloading the blocks?

The blocks need to be synchronized first in order for the wallet to work; I believe. I hope your Sprouts arrive after all blocks are downloaded and your wallet is synchronized.

Wait for all blocks to be up-to-date. Let’s see what happens after. :slight_smile:


Before doing anything else: make a few copies of your “wallet.dat” file and place them somewhere else (on a CD, on a flash drive, on another PC…).

The “wallet.dat” file can usually be found here:


After you have done this, can you post your sprouts public address here? The address to where you sent your coins. It should be listed in coinexchange’s transaction details. Then we can check the sprouts explorer to see if your coins are there on the blockchain: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/sprts/

Your sprouts address will look like mine: SeG96QDQUfmrxBQn4Nj5GfjTNo2A8ufrsE

And please tell me that did not send more than 2 billion coins, because would be a serious problem.


Hi I am worried that I may have done something wrong. I have sent my sprouts from the exchange where I held them to the Swap Platform via the ref code noted on the Swap Platform page. I have seen that the transaction is registered and has some 70+ confirmations however it does not state that it is sending it to my Aux wallet & I do not recall entering the Aux Wallet ref in the Swap Platform page…what should I do to check that all is well or how do I amend to ensure that my swaped money arrives in my Aux Wallet?


@GuyOsborne stay calm, all will be fine :slight_smile:
Send me a private message with your SPRTS (given by swap platform) and AUX address and we can check from there.