Listing on Mercatox, new blockexplorer, burned coins!


Dear Auxilium Community,

It is with great pleasure we’d like to announce we have been listed with Mercatox (

Well, almost…

We were due for listing on the 16th of August UTC however the incredibly friendly team at Mercatox informed us a couple of days ago, that their specialist who deals with listing Ethereum-based currencies had to take a leave of absence for personal reasons, and so we’re now scheduled to go live on or around the 27th of August.

So, we’ve been listed with Mercatox but until the 27th of August or thereabouts, their Auxilium wallet is in maintenance mode and so no trading can take place.

We have had fantastic communication with Mercatox from the beginning and their team has been nothing but professional and prompt each time we’ve had need to interact.

We will pursue a second listing within the next few months, once the dust has settled.

Given this information, you’re now able to at least create an account with Mercatox if you wish, in readiness for the 27th of August or thereabouts.

On another note, we’ve just launched the version 2 of our block explorer

Lastly, we’ve burned 200 Million coins so that the total supply will eventually be 300 Million rather than 500 Million.

We’ve sent the 200 Million AUX to the 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 address which is currently standard practice for a lot of currencies.

Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team

RT of Mercatox

Roadmap and updates (updated daily)

This is indeed incredible and amazing achievement so far. Keep up the good job guys.


Congratulations to all for the work.


Seriously team, Job well done!