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We have reached a new total of 1000 community members!

We have gained a lot of new followers and support in the past week thanks to all who shared, liked, retweeted (etc.) our social media posts. :smiley:

:seedling::balloon::balloon: Thanks to all for your support! :balloon::balloon::seedling:

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Congratulation team. Already left a support message in bitcontalk topic :v:


@demonchild looks like you did your homework on the Ethereum and PoS :wink:


@Gonnabetya Yes, I researched about the Ethereum and it’s PoS lately. Before, I thought cloning peercoin would be better solution since sprouts already based on peercoin. Now I realized that ETH may will be better choice. I feel that ETH are more “fast forward” than Peercoin. It maybe the hard way but it may repay us well.


Indeed, it has not been the quickest and most easy way. But it has, and still is, worth all the extra effort. Ethereum gives us the true functionality we need, and has in our eyes more future perspective than Peercoin (Bitcoin based coding) which is not very innovative and would not provide us with the functionality we need. Besides Peercoin is an hybrid (I think, as Sprouts was). We are supporters of sustainability and inclusion, so PoS works great for our cause as it is more ecofriendly and includes more people for staking/minting.

Ps: in my previous comment I was more referring to the fact that you deducted that Ethereum wants PoS but is still testing it, and that we are not just copy pasting a code, but are creating our own unique combination. If we would just copy Peercoin we would have been finished a long time ago, but that would not have given us the potential for years to come. As you know we are not going for the quick and easy fix, we are building a business behind Sprouts+. :slight_smile:


@Gonnabetya Yeah The original ETH doesn’t have 8% reward ( split more 8% charity and 8% R& D ) and pretty much others parameters. So it must be much of customize.

The current sprouts+ is good now but I have a concern over it’s long term. It is the max money supply. I’m not sure if we have this parameter or not. But many POS coin out there doesn’t have this limit and their price doesn’t being good for the long term. Yeah i know 8% is a small inflation. But a inflation still is a inflation. If it can’t be use in the real way ( I know we aim to this but it won’t be easy ) and people just keep POS for profit, the coin won’t keep the good price in the long term.

PS: If you look at 808 coin, I think it go the same way as Sprouts now. It lost its btc market. The price is crashed and I think that it will go down like Sprouts soon.


We have passed the amount of 550 community members!


Update we have passed the amount of 600 community members! :smiley:


Update: we now have 650 community members!! :smiley:


Fruit of the great work of Team Dev, congratulations to all who believe in Sprouts +


Update: 700 community members!


Update! 750 community members! We are constantly keep growing. The philanthropic green movement :slight_smile:




Just joined as well!


800! And going to reach 850 very soon! You are fantastic! Spread the love :smiley:


850 forum community members!


900 Sprouts+ Community forum members! :smiley: :balloon:



950 community members on this forum! Close to 4 digits! :slightly_smiling_face::+1: