Important update Auxilium development

Dear Auxilium Global community,

In a previous publication we mentioned the (temporary) difficult situation Auxilium Global was in due to many factors outside of our control. We later postponed development of the mobile wallet and creation and distribution of the AUXL (airdrop) token.

Many of you have questions about the commitment of the team the last months, and that’s not without reason. We set deadlines which we didn’t meet, and have not met yet.

Through this letter we want to give you the most clarity possible. We hope you can understand the situation we’re in and will stick to the Auxilium (AUX) coin, on the unique Auxilium blockchain, for the long run.

In the end of 2017 a group of volunteers started the development track of a new blockchain with a lot of technological advantages over traditional PoW and PoS blockchains. Thus, also over a lot of tokens created on these traditional blockchains. Mid 2018 holders of the in 2015 established coin Sprouts (SPRTS) were able to swap SPRTS for AUX coins, against a set ratio.

It was always made clear the team consisted of volunteers, who would dedicate a part of their spare time. And this project wasn’t an initiative to make a quick buck. This means the priority for the team members wasn’t with the development of AUX. Please understand these volunteers are also human beings who need to take care of their health, create a steady income to pay their bills and feed their families, and of course have enough time for spending quality time with friends and family. We’re not talking about billionaires who start a project and are able to throw money at everything, and/or a project that held an ICO in the end of 2017.

We’ve seen Auxilium cryptocurrency grow quite a bit, and many of you know the intrinsic value of the coin. Which is why many have been holding, and buying since 2018.

Developing and properly maintaining a blockchain doesn’t only cost time, but also money. The team has spent a lot of their own money into the project, because they believe in it, and will continue doing so if the community keeps supporting the project. The amount of money spent on maintaining and developing is far from the amount of money needed to get listed on a top cryptocurrency exchange; which has been a main goal for the team for the past year. We’ve had invitations of quite a few top cryptocurrency exchanges, had negotiations, but in the end the listing fees remained the final hurdle which could not be overcome. One of these cryptocurrency exchanges was Bithumb!

The financial hurdle led to the creation of the Auxilium Community Fundraiser end of 2020. All fundraiser contributions would be invested in a crypto portfolio to reach the amount of funds necessary to get listed on a top cryptocurrency exchange with a lot of real volume, and a huge international user base. Unfortunately there has not been much action from the community yet to create a large enough investment fund to reach our listing goal in 2021. Find more information on the community fundraiser, and contribute!
As a result AUX keeps falling between two stools, as it has been doing from the start. Without the big exchange listing the team can’t sell AUX coins to pay themselves a salary to work full-time on the development and the price of AUX will not rise to its true intrinsic value.

Additionally the whole world is dealing with the pandemic. The longer it lasts the more negative social and economic effects it has on people and businesses. This is one of the big reasons why especially the team members have been facing troubles to dedicate time to the project. It’s not something we can solve financially, and also not something we can solve through more volunteers because of the sensitivity of the information needed to access the blockchain/network.

In order for the whole team to remain healthy, and have the time to focus on work and family, we’ve decided to inform you that the team will not be able to meet any new goals the next two months (January and February 2021). This is a tough pill to swallow, we know.

What does this mean (in summary)?
Remains the same

  1. We’ll keep distributing the AUX interest every month. This will continue.
  2. The Auxilium Community Fundraiser remains available. For those who want to contribute in fiat, BTC or another cryptocurrency please contact our CEO via Telegram: @asdaux. We’re also open to alternative investment types outside of the fundraiser scope.

Remains the same, but until further notice will most probably be after February 2021.
3. Mobile wallet launch
4. AUXL creation
5. AUXL distribution/airdrop

Again: a tough pill to swallow. But this doesn’t mean the end of Auxilium Global and AUX cryptocurrency. It’s a two month break for the team. But also an opportunity for you as a community to stand up and make your own dreams come true by contributing to the fundraiser.

In the meanwhile we’re open to suggestions. Especially when these suggestions concern funding.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team