How to download and setup a SPRTS wallet


Hi all,

Just bought a MacBook Air (apple laptop) and wanted to download the sprouts wallet. It says “windows only” on the wallet file to download and start your wallet up. It will not work with my laptop.

Can anybody help me with this? this is the second time I’m asking as I’m new to crypto wallets and would like some help with setting this up.

Thank you


Hi @Hockey19,

I’m sorry to say, there is no Mac wallet yet. With the release of the new wallet, we will launch a Mac version.

I am not a Mac user but as I understand it, there is software to emulate a Windows environment under Mac OS.

Maybe you could try using one of the following:

  • A Virtual Machine
  • Bootcamp (to run Windows along with Mac)
  • Wine


Wine sometimes not work. If soon possible I have laptop I will help used Linux and do qt program easy for all platform :slight_smile: