How do I know whether my wallet synced or not


Do you think I can swap sprouts to sprouts+ without this wallet? Then I will just wait giving up the staking and minting.


So how can I update my wallet?


what exchange can i purchase sprout on? coincexchange isnt accepting new members…? btw zorro guy tried selling me 99mill sprout for .6btc nice to see why


As I told you I have many coins and I can show it to you and I have a coinexchange account with many coins and I am not a scammer I told you I will send you some sprouts first to see if it reaches you and tried to help you and most of all I told you we exchange and my You send me little by little and you say swindler?


you are selling your coin, if you have if, 99mill for .6 btc im saying you are a swindler bc you have absurd ask price. its not even worth 1/3 of that. jooooooookkkeee


When I bought it, there was no where there was only btc and now what I’m not going to do is sell the sprouts for nothing because I bought almost 100 million for 1 btc that cost 1 satoshi but you gave me 2 thousand dollars that if I sell I myself in doge at the lowest price and right now I can get 2500 or more and my flames ami swindler?

Look for someone to sell it to you


have fun swindling until you get your teeth kicked in. anyone complains to me i have your license etc.


Well, if you have my license but I will be in sprouts plus you will not be able to see BTCPOP and buy it for 1 satoshi each


@fbgmlqhd @James I think I’ve been able to fix the wallet tomorrow I’ll explain as well as that if I can help send and I’ll keep the wallet updated for everyone I’ll do a few things and a few tests and if everything goes well tomorrow I’ll explain how to do it if you want


Oh… I think I fixed it. After few hours of running the wallet, it shows me 7-8 connections now and I can see the V sign next to the connection sign.


Great news, fbgmlqhd!


I think this is the connection problem. Too many activities in sprouts these day. My wallet still mint well even I have 1-3 connection. I even can send sprouts with 1 connection only.