How do I get my Sprouts wallet to connect to the Sprouts network?


@ross13 good to hear the issue is solved!


Thank you again for your assistance. My wallet finished fully down loaded this afternoon and all my coins showed up, you are one of the best…


hello, i have a problem my wallet has generated currency strikes but they are not accepted does that mean they are lost or do I have to wait for the block catch up
Thank you for your help


oh, that’s a relief @jchowardjr.

Now start staking them. :slight_smile:


I’m thinking that you mean that your wallet tried to mint new coins, but your staking failed (thus, your new coins were not accepted).

This is normal, and it happens to everyone. It just means you didn’t have enough luck to stake those coins before someone else did, and that your “new” coins were not on the current chain.

All you can do is hope you have better luck next time.