HELP - wallet not finding connections



For no reason, from the BTCtalk thread, I saw that apparently there was a new version
for the desktop.

My “old” version was working great, but… I removed my roaming folder (kept my wallet folder)
and install the “new” wallet.

I first realized that it was not at all a new version, but the exact same that I installed more than a year ago.

The problem is now that the new installeing REFUSED to connect to the network
DESPITE I have my former conf file.

Then, I tried to reuse my former wallet after removing files from roaming, NOT finding connection either.

Then, I deleted everything, and re-installed from the original ZIP file, and used again the conf file…


The wallet cannot find any connection.


I have no clue what I could do now to get connection…

why did I change something which was working nicely ???

Hope someone will be kind enough to help me get unstuck


Hi, did this help?