Help me do not bring my coin


I checked at and my coin says Not yet redeemed, so let me know how to fix it.

My wallet address is SMbE1KC6c5MpqwA3uQmpvubG4mM7Rb5eTT


The explorer says that there are around 20,188,019 sprouts at that address. As long as you have the private keys to that address (the “wallet.dat” file), you’ll still have access to those coins.


Please tell me how to do it.

Please return it to the coinexchange wallet.


First, you will need to take control of your “wallet.dat” file.

You’ll need to find it on your computer, and make a copy of it. This is the most important thing you can do now to secure your coins. Without access to the “wallet.dat” file, then you don’t have access to your coins.

I am going to guess you are running win7, or win10.

At least on win7 your “wallet.dat” file can be found in the “roaming” directory. This will look like this:


In the above directory you should find the “wallet.dat” file. Make a copy of it, and place it in a directory of your choosing. Rename the file so that you know what it is, something like “sprouts_saved_wallet_Jan_2018.dat”.

Once you have done this, then you can continue.


Locate the wallet.dat file
After copying it to the desktop, I changed the file name to sprouts_saved_wallet_Jan_2018.dat. What should I do next?


ok. Try and clear out any files that were installed, delete all of the sprouts wallet files, to get a clean start. Of course, don’t delete your saved wallet.dat file.

Once your think you have cleaned out the files, follow along with the directions I’ve already written up here:

The links provided there will point you to the currently working wallet executables.

Any questions about the directions above, don’t hesitate to ask.