HELP! Coinexchange and Binance down! Need to exchange BTC to SPRTS somehow ASAP!


Looking for the best guide to exchange BTC to SPRTS! Coinexchange and Binance not taking new registrations. Thanks in advance!


They are back up :slight_smile: Happy trading !


Sorry misread your message… don’t see how you can buy if you dont have an account with them unless someone is willing to sell you some but they would need to trust that you will pay them and you would need to trust that they will send you the sprouts.


For now I think sprouts won’t get new exchange, as the dev team are focusing in realesing sprouts+. I think Coinexchange gonna accept new member soon. They just got flood 25000 member last week. You will need to wait or private buying from someone, but carefully


Our marketplace is open at BTCPOP!

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