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Happy 2018 :sunglasses:


Happy New Year all!

I firmly believe that the only way for humanity to survive in the long run, will be if the majority of people on this planet adopt a greater philanthropic view on life and everything and everyone in it.

Show more compassion to others.

The idea that we are all islands, separate from other people, families and animals, that we’re immune from the actions of those next door, in the next village or indeed, the next country, may help us sleep at night but it’s also slowly and systematically destroying us, our humanity, the species we share this planet with, and of course, the planet itself.

My own theory is that we’re all in survival mode, all out to protect ourselves and our immediate families. We put ourselves first because we all want to survive or even, to get ahead, but I feel this is the wrong way to look at things. More to the point, you just have to look around at the world, the poverty, starvation, greed and corruption to see that the majority do indeed put themselves first, at the expense of others.

It seems as though this behaviour is actually hastening our demise and making life even more miserable for the majority, in the process.

I had a conversation with my wife a number of years ago about what commitment means to me and at the time I was talking about our relationship but the philosophy extends to all relationships we have with each other, too.

I suggested that if we put the other person in the relationship first, focused on making the other person happy and content, we’d likely end up content ourselves anyway, as it’s a two way street.

In reality, we’re not all living on islands that are isolated from everyone and everything else. We ARE all connected and we ARE all dependent on each other to survive and more importantly, to thrive. The self-serving and often selfish behaviour we are all capable of exhibiting, is the reason why most are not happy and not content in life.

Why not try giving out more love and compassion to others? Put other people before yourself more often, and see what happens…

The philosophy behind Sprouts+, our goals and motivation is in essence, summed up in the words above.

Our goal with Sprouts+ is to put others first, to pay it forward and to affect real change in the world, for the betterment of all.

Sprouts+ is not merely a green, philanthropic currency, it’s a movement of respect, understanding, compassion and love.

Warm regards,

On behalf of the Sprouts+ Team