Good news: stuck transactions are sent [Update 2nd October]

:white_check_mark: It seems the AUX transactions - that got stuck earlier - are now sent.

We’re still having a close look at the error, to make it less likely of happening again. Mercatox exchange maintenance mode will be lifted after that.

You never stop learning :wink:

Have a good day!



We’re still working on the previous connection issue of Mercatox exchange with the Auxilium wallet. It could be your transaction got stuck. We hope to solve it once and for all. Thanks for your patience.

Note: AUXL airdrop distribution is after end AUXL airdrop (31st Oct 2020).


Work in progress, there seems to be a node syncing issue.
Don’t worry if you have outstanding transactions and/or withdrawals, these will find your AUX address as soon as the problem is fixed.

Thanks for your patience.


:white_check_mark: Mercatox just confirmed everything is working again. They’ll open deposits/withdrawals within 24 hours.

:mag_right: We’ll continue researching past events, to minimize problems occurring in the future.

:point_right: Monday we’ll publish an overview of events on and around the AUX blockchain.