For those who want to buy sprouts


Hello everyone for those who want to buy sprouts and have difficulties doing so I can help them do it without problem.

you just have to have the sprouts wallet on your computer and I can send you sprouts here.


I was looking to buy sprouts but gave up … Is it still possible to send? I’d like to jump on this before sprouts+ starts up! Thanks



Hi Ajpizzo,

Have you tried

They are the last exchange to trade Sprouts.



if it’s still possible to send, I really appreciate



Thank you


coinexchange isnt excepting new registrations sadly!!! or atleast i and a few others have had no luck


coinexchange not allowing new members anywhere else???


I told you that I sell it to you because I sell it to 1 sporuts for a satoshi 100. million for 1 btc but I try to help you and sell it for less but you leave me and call me a con man for trying to help you


Coinexchange is the only one that sells sprouts for now and for a short time because I doubt that when it sprouts plus it will change it I have tried to help you and you go and my con swindler


well how can i not call you a swindler? tryna charge me almost 13k for 99mill when the going rate is short of 3k usd. joke


I did not tell you 13 k you told me how much do I sell for 0.6BTC I told you 99 million I do not sell it for doge I sell it for btc and for btc 99 million I come out to 1 btc because it sells 1 sprouts to 1 satoshi does as I bought myself and I sell it because I need the money because when I bought it I was not doing coin that’s new


I can sell and take 1 btc that is 15 k but you have offered me 9 k that is different apart I was the one who told you that I sell you little by little not the whole lot, I think lately trying to help is not good I’m sorry and good luck