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Dear Auxilium community,

You might have read that the first swap we held from 1st July – 11th July was a success. Sprouts holders have shown faith in the Auxilium project and the team behind it.

21% of all SPRTS were swapped in this short period of time, including 7 out of 10 addresses of the top-10 SPRTS “richlist”.

A lot of people have requested another swap, which we have agreed with because we realise that the swap period, especially for those with SPRTS on the exchange and in the Sprouts hard fork (HF) wallet, was a lot shorter than the three weeks initially planned.The swap for hard fork (HF) Sprouts (SPRTS) has started.

There is no set end date!

Please swap as soon as possible to make sure you do not miss out, as we will likely end the swap without warning when an exchange listing opportunity arises.

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Kind regards,

Auxilium Team

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