Facebook Like + Share Bounty [100 AUX]


Dear Auxilium community,

Join the Facebook Like + Share Bounty!

Like our Facebook page: https://facebook.com/auxiliumglobal
Share this Facebook story: https://www.facebook.com/auxiliumglobal/posts/281226939194831

We will randomly pick 50 winners who fit the requirements.
The 50 winners will win 100 AUX each.

End date bounty: 31st of December 2018 12:00 CEST

Date announcement winners: 7th of January 2019
We will contact the winners through Facebook.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team


hello.when i like page and share story,do i need to put some informations here in comment so you can contact me,in case,or u ll see it trough the likes and shares?


We’ll see through likes and shares, but good of you leaving a message here. Appreciate the support :slightly_smiling_face:


okay thanks :wink: good projects will always have people to support it :slight_smile:


My post on FB https://www.facebook.com/jaceknowak197777/posts/277778379747685


Done bro


More power to your elbow.


strong text


Good project

Done task


Done, Cool event!