Easy full setting wallet[windows only]


Hello as requested I give something for easy config. Not much talk

Here we go


Just look readme and read it

Note. this is not block chain


i can not stake after downloading the wallet. what should i do?


i tried to run the application “libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll” this was the message i got “This program cannot be run in DOS mode” could that be the problem? help me out thanks.


Run the sprouts_run.bat lol

For information this is for we not got full drive on c directory.


What is my rpcuser and rpcpassword?


Take look folder data sprouts.conf you can edit used notepad++. Up to you for that info. rpc usually for solo mining.


Added put this to data folder


Credit from @dudwls008

@kenny this will solved chain. Just leave wallet.dat guys and replace this chain.


This creates a new for of the blockchain? 10mb of data folder and generated receive addresses dont work when entered in exchange withdrawal. I think I just burned 20 mil of sprouts with this :slight_smile:


newer mind, just slow


Yeah a lot of people seem bought/sold sprouts yesterday. What a pump :grinning: People begin to interest in sprouts+ now


Ya this wallet does not work… I also lost 1mil sprouts trying to send yest :confused: