Does anyone know how to fix a runtime error


Need Help fixing a runtime error


By chance I had one yesterday. Never had one before. Rebooting wallet did the trick for me. Maybe others can give you a more technical answer/solution. :slight_smile:


That sounds terrible! You didn’t backup your wallet?


I did. I have many backups. I re-downloaded the wallet, and deleted the sprouts file in roaming, app data, sprouts. Ran the install for the wallet. Deleted the wallet.dat file, and added my backup wallet.dat file. Then downloaded the September blockchain snapshot and added it. My balance is perfect. Thanks for the emotional support, Lol.


I’m going to back it up right now over and over .


Well I just discovered this problem with a different coin today. Everytime the coin wanted to stake the wallet would crash. Using coin control I broke my coins into smaller chunks. The problem could be that you have way too many coins in one transaction so send them right back to yourself in smaller increments. Hope my advice helps…


Used my last tutorial. No need roaming put as I know make full your drive c lol :smiley:


I did. Thanks.


This not bug