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As we know how to get funds is difficult and we need financing to get a good listing on an exchange of great reputation and daily volume. Thinking about these difficulties I am here looking for alternatives to make Auxilium more visible both to the public and to companies that develop within the ETH blockchain, it is worth remembering that the ETH blockchain is saturated and this has been affecting the transaction fees that are getting higher.

Well, there are some services that I know that it would be interesting to present Auxilium as an alternative, such as, a virtual world developed on the ETH blockchain, there is a large audience of companies and many influential people who have space for their presentations.

Other services below, which we could present Auxilium and thus get feedback on where we can improve to create an even more robust ecosystem.

An observation
The NFT market has been growing a lot, and we need to be aware of that.

Signing of contracts and authentication.

One of the people I think would be interesting to contact would be, she is very influential in game development and NFT, and a few years ago she worked in some arts for DECRED DCR, since then I have been following her work, she just a few days ago launched a token on uniswap that had a good volume, I really think it would be very good to present Auxilium to her.

A few days ago I answered a twitter from @vitalik.eth in which I mentioned the Auxilium project, I am absolutely sure that he saw and researched Auxilium because a few minutes later he published this twitter this publication just showed me that we are on the right track, but we need more visibility.

To close, if I were the CEO or developer of these projects that I mentioned above I would ask. What advantages will I have in developing the Auxilium blockchain, is it easy to develop? What about fees? What AUX thinks for the future of project development.


Hey @Rodpalmeira,

Thank you for your informative post and ideas. Really appreciated, as always!

We (Anton and me) agree with all you’ve said. We know we’re currently flying under the radar.

We’re trying to do things in sequence though because if we don’t, we risk not being fully prepared for mainstream adoption and possibly, breaking things.

Before we’d feel comfortable approaching any of the above mentioned projects, we need some solid capital behind us so we’re able to build the network up more and ensure we’re able to meet rapid growth and demand.

While it’s frustrating at times to see we’re not further along, it’s also reassuring (at least to us) to know we’ve been able to maintain the level of stability we have achieved. We’ve continued to grow and learn and test things slowly and carefully which, we’re sure most would agree, is better than crashing and burning because we jumped in to quickly.

We were hoping XT would give us at least enough to build up a decent sized crypto portfolio so that we’d then have more than enough during the next bull run, to fund a top tier exchange listing, etc.

XT didn’t work as we’d hoped and so we’ve switched to holding our own fundraiser with greater incentives. We’re aware that these are uncertain times and people are being more careful about where they invest which is why we’ll hold the community fundraiser for a much longer period.

The goal is to raise $300,000 USD. We’re able to get listed on a great top tier exchange and have enough left over for a good marketing campaign and additional network expansion with $300,000 USD.

On a positive note, we’ve already been told by a number of top tier exchanges that we’ve ‘passed’ their due diligence tests. We just need the funding.

So, community fundraiser here we come. Once we’ve listed on a large exchange and have expanded the network and possibly the team, we’ll be ready to approach other projects and teams for integration into the Auxilium ecosystem.

The AUXL token and use case will proceed as planned and will contribute to overall funding as well.

The most important thing to take from all of this is that Anton and I are in this for the long haul. We’re not going to give up.

We will get there in the end.


The Auxilium Loyalty Platform, can really be a start for the financing of global auxilium as described in the report, we need some use cases to be able to bring more visibility.

I will look for some ways to try to add AUX to services so that we can use it as a means of payment, since I have some free time due to this pandemic, try to help in some way.

I am sad because I see a fantastic job done by you James and Anton, but as you posted it is to continue working to achieve a better future, I will always be here to help in whatever way I can.


No need to be sad, @Rodpalmeira, we will get there eventually. It’s better to go slow and be prepared than to move too quickly and be unprepared.

We’re playing the long game.

We have so much going for us with the AID platform - no need to mine or stake, the blockchain is and always will be, super fast with cheap transactions, we’re compatible with Ethereum projects as you’ve mentioned, many ideas, an awesome community and the drive to keep going until we’ve broken through, and then the real fun begins.

We have many ideas for making being a community member, heaps of fun and also very rewarding.

Once we get going and have serious money behind us, there are so many awe inspiring projects we have planned. We’re constantly creating new ways to reach out and help others.

Exciting times ahead.


I know it may seem like a crazy idea :rofl:, but if a token was created on the uniswap that represents global auxilium, in order to try to raise funds, since the DEFI fever is huge.

It’s kind of weird to use the ETH blockchain to fund another project that is “competing” but I really see an absurd volume and these DEFI tokens are being listed in droves on some exchanges, maybe I’m dreaming, but I don’t know, it’s an idea.

James and Anton, in conversation with my brother, he is more up to date than I am about the DEFI market, about my idea of AUX launching a token at uniswap, example “AUXFi” Auxilium finance, which would be tokenizing the AUX project and launch on uniswap.

As the listing is free at uniswap, it would be enough to promote liquidity, I can see with him if in the next few days he will explain the idea better, but he gave me a very optimistic view, because Auxilium has everything ready, and in his view it would be a great step without spend, and still raise funds for the project

Thanks for all the input Rod.

Appreciated, like James said. And like James also said: we’re working step by step.

We have tons of ideas that have not been presented yet, but can only start off with a limited amount of things. We also don’t want to bring everything out in the open, because other projects might take the idea.

About the UniSwap. There are strong rumours that UniSwap is not 100% real volume, and people ask if UniSwap should be trusted.

I get that hypes may be easy money, but hypes come with scams - a lot of scams. Besides, hypes are temporarily. While we have a very clear endgoal and very clear steps to reach this endgoal. Acting on hypes doesn’t feel natural.

I don’t think creating a token on Ethereum blockchain would be the answer to our financial hurdle. Creating a new token will leave us with many extra work, many promises to keep, and expectations to uphold. What are we offering the people who buy the AUXdefi token? How do we translate this to the Auxilium blockchain and the Auxilium Global philosophy?

Auxilium Global has a strong identity. At this point it’s already confusing for people that AUX has it’s own blockchain, and is creating AUXL token. I think it would become overly complicated if we created something outside of our own blockchain, especially considering the ETH and AUX addresses have the same format.

In short: I would like to hear more about the idea, but I see a lot of red flags.

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I’m seeing if I can get all the ideas in writing, but how much does it look like some projects are thinking the same.

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Dear Anton & all
I watch & listen, don’t log in often but try to keep abreast of this great project.
I’m puzzled as to why the aux token is coming forward and feel that this is a mistake that many crypto’s have made to their detriment.
I think that it’s well proven that those with just one aim on its main currency are more readily able to attain mainstream (sic) acceptance before bringing in any token of the main product. Establishment of the main brand is essential before confusing with tokens, in my view, which I believe has lead to other crypto’s dwindling.
If I’ve missed the point and the token is essential to the global success of the brand and main product then I apologise…although I’d suggest that the focus remains on the main product, tokens are left on the top shelf as a dangling carrot for later and that the main product, Aux, is promoted heavily through social media with its great imagery and message, via a pr company paid for with Aux, either on future credit or in manufactured Aux, this would tie the pr company to the product, give them a financial interest, the more they market the product, the more the Aux goes up in value, the greater their income and incentive to promote.
The simple ways of promoting the product will lead to the Crypto Exchanges opening their doors to Aux and ensure it’s success.
Best wishes Guy

Hi Guy,

Do you mean the AUXL token?

If so, the idea of the AUXL token is directly linked to the Auxilium Loyalty Platform use case. This token interacts with AUX coin, and gives people incentive to buy and hold on to their AUX.

AUX coin will always remain the center of attention. Additional tokens created on our blockchain will expand our ecosystem and also strenghten the AUX coin. AUXL can’t be used without AUX.

We’ve reached a lot more people the last couple of months without having a PR company do the work. We don’t have the financial resources to hire such company. Getting companies linked to Auxilium Global by giving them AUX coins for instance or a portion of the company is an idea, but this will all require AUX to get listed on a top exchange first. Nobody is willing to be paid in AUX coins, because of lack of liquidity. Also we’re too small at this moment for those companies to see the potential. People look at marketcap, liquidity, and listings.

A final note, focussed completely on your concern: everything we do is to strengthen AUX. We’ll not expand just for the sake of expansion. :slight_smile:

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The idea I had, another project had the same idea, and they are doing it to develop and finance the main project.

Thanks for sharing Rod.

@JamesAux possible to create a gateway that allowed investors to deposit and withdraw AUX on the Waves platform. Using this system (in combination with a patched client)

This idea I got from another project, it might be interesting for people to be able to trade at Waves DEX, I just don’t know how much it would cost in time and money, but in any case it could be a possibility.

As we see in the telegram, people are impatient with the mercatox, Komodo is developing AtomicDEX, even in the future they will be opening for listing, as long as you don’t need a lot of money, it would be interesting to check the possibility of listing in the future, or even a possible partnership

Hi Rod! We’re already in contact with Komodo developer since 2019! We’re following their development.

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Hi Rod, we’ve checked this opportunity two years ago. It’s good, but at that time there was hardly any trading volume. Plus it’s extra work. I do think we could revisit this once we have more time. Like you know I also think a new exchange impuls is very important. Both your suggestions Komodo and Waves are good platforms on which - with some work - we can get listed on. I’m going to discuss this with James on Monday; for future activity.

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Thanks for the reply Anton!

@Anton @JamesAux In addition to uniswap, we have the option of using, since everyone is having problems with the high rates of the ETH network, pancake works on the binance smart chain, where the rates are infinitely lower, it would be an option to be studied for the launch of WAUX.


I was even evaluating the pancakeSwap community, and I didn’t think there would be such a large number of investors, As in this print, only the English channelCapturar