Deadlines postponed

Dear community,

As a direct result of lacking financial resources we’ve development delays, meaning:

  1. AUXL token development and AUXL distribution will be postponed till further notice;
  2. Auxilium mobile wallet is postponed, and expected end of November 2020;
  3. AUXL airdrop bot will still end 31st October 2020 (These delays will not negatively impact AUXL airdrop participants waiting on the mobile wallet. The mobile wallet will come out first before we distribute the AUXL tokens.);
  4. AUX snapshot (for AUXL bonus tokens) will be postponed, and expected end of November 2020.

We understand this might be disappointing. However, this is a realistic scenario.

We’ll publish a more indepth letter to explain this situation. For now we wanted to give you insight in the specific delays and dates.

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team.