Critical questions about Sprouts+


Hi, dear community!

I asked about Sprouts+ in a libertarian group and there were some critical questions which I hope you can answer :

  1. Why aren’t the full names listed in the Whitepaper ?

  2. Why is there (in the Whitepaper) so much talk about what went wrong in Sprouts and about the finances ? This seems overweighted.

  3. It seems as if the authors of the Whitepaper just bandy buzzwords such as “altruistic”, “green”, “​materialism”, “sustainability”, “​​unique ​and ​innovative” and “​smart ​contract” about.

  4. The following quote is seen as – and I have to agree with that – very vague and seems to lack economic understanding:
    “Sprouts+ ​is ​different ​to ​cryptocurrencies ​which ​are ​mostly ​aiming ​to ​replace ​the ​banks ​or ​other sectors ​whom ​are ​known ​for ​the ​big ​money. ​But ​that ​does ​not ​directly ​tackle ​the ​problem ​which
    is ​the ​individualistic ​behaviour ​of ​a ​lot ​people ​of ​(the ​western) ​civilization. ​Current cryptocurrencies ​do ​not ​have ​the ​focus ​(yet) ​to ​solve ​real ​world ​problems ​like ​humanitarian, environmental, ​etc. ​(non-profit) ​problems. ​This ​makes ​Sprouts+ ​unique. ​Unlike ​a ​lot ​of ​other coins ​Sprouts+ ​can ​tackle ​real ​life ​problems ​and ​really ​contribute ​due ​to ​its ​functionality, philosophy ​and ​driven ​team ​members.”

… the people I asked in the group about Sprouts+ so far find it too dodgy to invest.

Perhaps you could clear it up a little? I would refer your answers to the group thread, where these questions came up.

I would be glad about your responses. :slight_smile:




What did you mean full name? full name of dev team or ?

Regarding Sprouts and about the finances, it kinda about history. As you know, sprouts is a high POS coin with large supply. Sprouts+ is born to rescure sprouts, that why you see pretty much that information in whitepaper.

Sprouts+ is a ETH clone coin, that why you will see smart ​contract. And it maybe the first ETH clone with POS. We will mint new coin with POS which reduce the electric usage in mining coin. I think that is green here. And why ETH with POS is unique ​and ​innovative, I think you should read more about ETH and their casper release ( google will help )

White paper v1 mainly aim for current sprouts holder. I think the dev team are making version 2 of white paper with more information.


Oh and one more explain about “solve ​real ​world ​problems ​like ​humanitarian, environmental, ​etc. ​(non-profit) ​problems”. Sprouts+ will have 8% reward per year but will split 8% for R&D, 8% for charity and 84% for holder. So while minting this coin, you will also make a charity to others. You earn profit and also give something for the world. Everyone happy. The ideal may like that.

Disclaim: I’m just a normal member, not dev team


@demonchild you did very good, thanks.
@JanHense there will be a Q&A soon which might interest you. Keep an eye out on one of the platforms to stay informed.


@JanHense I agree to the points you made. These red flags are what’s keeping me from trusting the dev team. That and the desperation really comes through when the dev corners members in the community frequently to dissuade them from selling their sprouts and instead swap them. It stinks of greed. There is no real clarity regarding the future of sprouts +. That’s fine if you want to make a fork of ether for the practicality of smart contracts, but why call it sprouts at all, and why make the sprouts community pay for your project? Sounds fishy, because literally no self respecting coin is doing what sprouts + is doing. It sounds good on paper but not much else


@Goldeneagle This kind of discussion had been talked many times. No one force you to swap and no one can clarity the future of sprouts +, It is your own choice to swap or not. No way that the dev team can make the sprouts community pay for the project.

And the coin will named sprouts+ even you agree or not. End of discussion.


If I just have my sprout coins on coinexchange, will they automatically convert to sprout+ once it is released.
or now there will be 2 coins, sprout and sprout+ ?



@ameyapalsule, It’s a fork of a completely different coin. So sprouts + is a fork of ethereum and original sprouts is a fork of peer coin. Unless you swap your existing sprouts for sprouts +, nothing will happen to your sprouts. However, I’ve heard the original sprouts is being hard forked, so that may give you double your existing coins, but don’t know the exact deets on that yet.

@Demonchild are you saying that even if no one swaps their original sprouts, that the sprouts + team will continue to work on sprouts +? If so, then, why even have a swap.?why don’t the devs develop sprouts +, allow it to hit the market, and we buy it or invest in a new project at market value? I know why they won’t do that. Because then they will not get something for nothing.

Think about this for a second. Everyone should think before rushing into something. I’ve thought about it. Market value rt now for 1 billion sprouts = $28590. What are the qualifications of the devs, the team, that compels anyone to give up your tens of thousands of dollars to them to make a completely separate coin? Does it sound legit to you? I mean, pls do whatever you want, but in spite of reading the white paper, the vagueness of the devs in outlining their game plan or their qualifications and real world experience doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Just my two cents


@Goldeneagle I didn’t mean like that. Just simple the coin will name “Sprouts+”, nothing else.

About the market value, you only have $28590 if people gonna to buy it. If you don’t want to swap, sure keep it in the wallet and continue mint it. Good luck on selling 1-2 trillion of its.

In the end, this won’t going anywhere. If you don’t trust it, don’t follow it. Simple


And yes I have think clearly about it and trust the sprouts+ dev team. If not, I had already sold it long time ago. Look again the chart on coinmarketcap, What is price of sprouts 2-3 weeks ago?

I just also sold some sprouts ( 20%) recently but I was able to made up my loss from buying sprouts with BTC before and earn some nice profit. It all thanks to Sprouts+ dev team.


Hi Goldeneagle,

Your comments are appreciated but also misguided, based on a lack of context and trust, which are both understandable and completely reasonable.

You’re wise not to trust anyone, anywhere selling or pushing anything. Trust is built up over time and with enough positive interaction. We (Sprouts+ team) have not been around long enough yet to have earned the kind of trust that would set your mind at ease and so all that’s left is context.

You’ve suggested that 1 Billion Sprouts are currently worth $28,590 USD however there is a sell wall in place stuck at 1 Satoshi and also, there’s the total supply to consider.

In reality, you can’t actually sell 1 Billion Sprouts and gain $28,590 USD. The dollar value looks nice on screen, but that’s all it does.

The most logical reasons Sprouts is gaining again now, is due to the efforts we’re putting into social media and marketing, the fact that we’re due to launch Sprouts+ very soon and so people are buying Sprouts ready for the swap and also, because the entire market is climbing currently, as it does around this time of the year, each year.

You’ve asked, why have the swap at all, if no one swaps but as people have already committed to swapping, it’s an irrelevant question.

We’re moving forward with Sprouts+ anyway as we believe strongly in what we’re doing, in striving to reach our goal of helping as many as we can.

We believe that with enough time, consistency and fulfilling any promises we make, we will gain the public’s trust anyway. Sprouts association or not.

We’re offering Sprouts holders the chance to swap because we (Sprouts+ team) all came together through Sprouts. We all wanted to get together to help the Sprouts community by attempting to revive Sprouts.

We have since branched out and through a community vote, gave the option to launch Sprouts+ using the Ethereum code-base which includes smart contracts, rather than to stick with the Sprouts code-base, and the community overwhelmingly voted for the Ethereum code-base.

Once launched, Sprouts+ will indeed be listed with a number of exchanges which will enable people to buy Sprouts+ directly, regardless of the swap.

Version 2 of the whitepaper will include more clarity and granularity but there is also a degree of ‘it’s a work in progress’ to Sprouts+. We are coming up with ideas all the time and recognise community members will also have great ideas and so we’re being careful not to pigeon-hole ourselves at this point.

We are also in limbo until we gain more insight into how the brand is received once launched, what sort of following we will end up with and so on. All these things will dictate, at least initially, which paths we take and why, and while that may seem counter productive, we’re also being careful not to promise something we can’t deliver.

Everything we do though, will fall in line with our core values and philosophy, which is to help others. Others in this case refers to the Sprouts+ community, not-for-profit organisations and charities, individuals, animals, wildlife conservation and so on.

As you’ve suggested, people need to think carefully before investing into anything and especially into crypto currencies.

These days, it seems the trendy thing to do is list as many developers, consultants and advisors as possible but in reality, unless these people are widely known and trusted to begin with, it counts for very little as credentials and profiles can be faked with a relative of ease.



Apologies Goldeneagle, I only just re read this now…

Under no circumstances should this be happening. Would you provide an example of it occurring and I’ll speak with whichever team member ‘cornered’ a member of the community.

None of the Sprouts+ team should be cornering anyone, for any reason. We are working hard to ensure openness and transparency and more importantly, a community driven by passion and a desire to want to be a part of Sprouts+.

One of our explicit policies is and always has been that a Sprouts holder is free to choose to swap from Sprouts to Sprouts+, or not.



Once we are able to swap from Sprouts to Sprouts+, what will be the process? How can we swap? Is that something i would do on the CoinExchange?


Hi Bjak_75,

The swap will most likely take place on our own swap site, we’re currently testing and tuning the process and so I don’t want to say too much as details may still change.

Rest assured though, we will publish plenty of information regarding the specifics of how to swap, closer to the time.