Community support team


Dear Auxilium community,

Auxilium has launched and the swap is underway.

We can understand that you might have questions for us about the swap, the wallet, or any other general questions about AUX. We have tried to answer all your questions as quick and clear as possible. However, this takes up a lot of time. Time we also could use on development, marketing, contacting exchanges, partnerships, etc.

First of all we tried to create pages with FAQs so you could find your answers quickly. Our experience is that still a lot of questions, which could be found on our website, forum or in our recent updates on other online platforms, arise.

We want to try and install a community support team. A team of community enthusiasts who are already online often and would like to help out with supporting fellow community members. Many hands make light work.

We will provide these community members with the information and answers they need to support fellow community members within a private support chat with community and core team members.

We offer a monthly reward of 300 AUX per community support team member. This does not mean we expect you to be online day and night, but help out whenever you are online, and check in with us in the private support chat for updates.

Does this sound like something you would like to do? Would you like to become a community support member on Telegram, Discord and/or this forum? Please contact Anton.

Kind regards,

Auxilium Team

Roadmap and updates (updated daily)

Dear beloved team, please I am interested.


hi just wondering what the difference between MLAUX and AUX is ?


We do not know MLAUX and we do not even know what it is, Aux is not related to any other currency, only to the sprouts holders.


cheers thanks for reply - in the Accounts Overview in my Auxilium wallet it states the amount of mlAUX is 1,075,164.76300 and if I click on that it converts the total amount to 1,075.16476300 AUX. so far I’ve swapped a total amount of about 54,000,000 SPRTS…

so the reference to mlAUX is in relation to that which is mentioned in the Auxilium wallet. any further info’ would be appreciated…


Milli AUX 1/1000th of 1 AUX
1 AUX = 1000 milli AUX
AUX is the currency symbol.
Nothing to worry about. But it is a bit special haha
Can you send me a printscreen in PM where you found this? Thanks.

UPDATE: yes, indeed you can click on the balance. I did not even know that. You have learned me something. :grin::ok_hand:


I have indicated interest to be a member of the community forum which was announced today and I have sent message of interest indicate still now I have not gotten any feedback.


I transferred 76118380.57961400 SPRTS & Got 1,510,962.8071 mlAUX…
I don’t understand how many Aux I got …


You clicked the AUX under balance. Now it states MLAUX. Click MLAUX again and you get AUX.

1 AUX = 1000 MLAUX (milli AUX)

AUX is the unit we pay with.


We are trying to reply to everyone asap.
I am going to message you personally tomorrow :slight_smile:


I am interested


I think you also contacted me through Discord :)? I replied you there. Let’s get in contact.


I would like to join the support team :slight_smile:


Hello @demonchild ,
Let me contact you through PM on this forum. :slight_smile:


I would also like to express interest in supporting the community. I am very time rich and while my knowledge of cryptocurrencies is limited in scope my knowledge of regular currency trading is fairly extensive, mainly how to utilise Technical analysis which looks for the confluence of certain tried and true metrics to make a trade possess a high probabilty of success. TA cant be used for a start up as there is not nearly enough data and quite literally nothing to chart!